Monday 2 September 2013

Ireland And Myth #7

With the health minister of Europe's leading tobacco control failure, James O'Reilly, committed to plain packaging, Japan Tobacco have been airing this ad in Ireland (click to enlarge).

What I found most interesting about it was the quote supplied from the WHO's Margaret Chan.
"... it is not just Big Tobacco anymore. Public health must also contend with Big Food, Big Soda, and Big Alcohol".
It kinda rubbishes the now legendary 'myth' #7, doesn't it?
Myth #7: It may be tobacco today but other consumer products will follow  
FACT: Tobacco is not like any other product, it is the only legal consumer product on the market which is lethal when used as intended. That is why the UK and over 170 other governments have signed up to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control which places legal obligations on governments to strictly regulate tobacco products. Plain packs for tobacco will not therefore set a precedent for other consumer products.
As Chan's comments prove, the only mythical aspect of this non-myth is that it has somehow been imagined by those opposed to regulations. The slippery slope is not only encouraged by public health tax spongers, it is also something they regularly boast about as being future policy.

Only a fool (or a liar) would believe otherwise.

Via this place (do read the comments, they're jaw-dropping).


ScottEwing said...

Only a fool (or a liar) would believe the santimonious twaddle that is passed off as 'fact' by the health facists.

Xopher said...

Sexually transmitted diseases cause many adverse, expensive, long-term and life-threatening health conditions especially among the young.
The DoH deands that Legislation should be passed for all under 30s to wear only drab olive green clothes of a standard design and all make-up should be banned to avoid sexual attraction.

lordsid said...

Well,the Mayor of Moscow is calling for sex to be restricted to 4 times a year.If he gets his way you'll need to get a permit.Presumably gov. will tape it (for quality control purposes :-) Another instance of how bad this banning business has become is that the Malawi gov. can't decide if farting is included in their "ban".The banners are coming out of the woodwork.There are people that want to ban/restrict nearly everything under the sun-including tobogganing.The only banners that have any merit that I recall,are the ones that want to ban banners.(2 states have passed "anti-Bloomberg" laws)

BrianB said...

OT, but Soubrey's at it again:

Cigarette packaging is encouraging young people to take up smoking, health minister Anna Soubry has said, as she disclosed that she took up the habit as a teenager because of "gorgeous" packaging.

I hope she finds the time to read the comments under this article. The words "bullshit" and "liar" figure rather prominently!

It is serious through: if we are now at the point where serious policy-making is in the hands of a complete air-head who was, apparently, incapapable of making an informed decision about using the contents of a 'georgeous' packet, then we are completely screwed!

Sorry to be crude, Mrs Soubrey, but you are a twat.

BrianB said...

Oh Bollocks - didn't close the URL tag properly. Sorry!

Editing options would be nice!

Dick_Puddlecote said...

So not only is she corrupt and treacherous, she's also a liar.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

She's being slaughtered in the comments, good to see. :)

brianb007 said...

It comes to something when politicians want to pass laws to prevent us from being as stupid as them!

Good grief!

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Nicely put.