Sunday 22 September 2013

Hey, I'm Going To Miami!

Last month, Simon Clark highlighted a site called Smoke Spots, and a competition they are holding with the prize of a trip to Miami.
Smoke Spots allows consumers to interact and discuss venues with great smoking areas where they can comfortably smoke whilst they’re out. The site includes forums where experiences can be shared, a blog for inspiration and a growing database to find smoker friendly pubs, bars, restaurants and clubs. 
Already getting more traffic than expected and around 2,000 Facebook fans, the popularity of the site is increasing. New spots from across the UK are being submitted every day - a clear indication this service is helping consumers find great facilities. 
To enter the competition, registered users simply add a new spot or an event to the site and they are automatically entered into the prize draw. The prize includes flights, transfers and accommodation on Ocean Drive, South Beach for two people.
Annoyingly, Simon's article was written while I was on holiday in the Midlands where I used quite a number of venues which would have been good entries, but I didn't see his post till I got back, and now don't remember the name of any of them.

I kept in mind that free Miami trip though, so today submitted a place I visited to hold an informal 'interview' with a potential new driver down on the south coast last week. Not knowing the area at all, I said I'd meet him somewhere of his choosing, and he suggested the William Hardwicke in Bognor Regis, an excellent choice since it has substantial outdoor smoking areas both at the front and the rear of the pub, and it was also offering a lunchtime carvery on the day.

He either knows me very well or just struck very lucky. He got the job, natch.

The front - anyone got a pic of the covered smoking area at the back?
Now, I've got a feeling in my bones that this submission is the winner. I'm off to Miami soon, and that's that.

If you want to enter yourself, you have till 30th September and the details are here. But be warned that I'm already Google-mapping Ocean Drive and plotting itineraries, I'm that confident!

As an aside, I've dropped the site an e-mail to see if they'd consider adding a tag for 'spots' which are vape-friendly indoors too. If they're forward thinking, I hope they will consider it. I'll relay their reply if I get one.


Junican said...

You must already have submitted the winning entry for the National Lottery then.
Dream on!

castello said...

Good luck!

Dick_Puddlecote said...

I buy it Mondays and always believe I'm going to win. This week is definitely the jackpot ticket, I'm tellin' ya'.

I find ridiculous optimism a life-enhancing quality. ;)

Dick_Puddlecote said...

No luck required, it's in the bag. ;)

Kath Gillon said...

OMG The William Hardwick in my home town, the very place I left last year. Brings tears to my eyes. Thats a really nice Photo of the front of the hardwick too. Thank you for the memories Dick.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

It's a decent pub. Family orientated by day, party venue by night apparently. The two smoking areas are hugely impressive. :)

Kath Gillon said...

It is a decent pub, the only one in the town centre that is! The youngsters love it at night it's alway heaving even midweek, and the food is excellent too.
If you're ever down the road in L'hton try The Dolphin my daughter is the manager there tell her, her mum sent you, who knows you might even get a free pint! ;)