Wednesday 2 October 2013

Katy Perry 'Saves Lives'

From The Telegraph:
One in five top ten songs in the UK have alcohol-related lyrics, a study has revealed, fueling concerns that music is promoting an unsafe image for young people. 
Researchers found that the number of chart hits containing references to alcohol has doubled in a decade - a figure rising partly due to US-imported songs.
It's had a hell of an effect on teen drinking according to official National Statistics, so it has (page 137).

As well as on those adults amongst us who also still listen to pop music and subliminally take in all those harmful messages.

On this evidence, perhaps the state should start paying chart stars to sing more about brushing their teeth with a bottle of Jack, eh?

Or maybe - just maybe - humans aren't as stupid and easily malleable as our self-installed betters insist that we all are.


nisakiman said...

Never fear, DP, the bansturbators will spin the figures to back up their calls for "something must be done...". "References to alcohol in pop songs is killing (insert first scary number that comes to mind here) kids every year".

And of course, the Daily Fail will dutifully give it front page headlines. And all the drones will be saying "Well, it must be true - experts said so", and will tell the pollsters how they agree with minimum pricing 'to protect the cheeldren' (or whatever other bullshit the joyless ones are proposing), and then the aforementioned rag will scream from the front page that "85% of people want minimum pricing (or whatever) - why aren't the government listening to the people?"

And so it goes on...

Dick_Puddlecote said...

That's the general MO.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

y = "Proportion (%) of pupils who drank alcohol in the last week: 2001-2011".

Frank J said...

"85% of people want minimum pricing (or whatever)"

No, no. If it's YouGov it will be 70%

nisakiman said...

:) Yes, of course! Silly me!