Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Pinch, Punch, First Of #Octabber

I had forgotten it was October until, while waiting for my return train this morning, I found I was smoking a GV rollie outside a VIP e-cig shop on Manchester Piccadilly Station Approach. You can't miss it - it's festooned with so many big red Stoptober posters and balloons that the products they sell were rendered almost invisible.

That's when I remembered that this starts today.

If you weren't already aware of it, you can find details here.
We hope that #Octabber explains what we are all about and displays at least some of the anger we feel. You don't have to choose Stoptober. It isn't compulsory no matter how it feels. You can find friends and a safe haven here. Next time an unwelcome approach nags you to quit your tabs then be sure to tell them that you won't be joining Stoptober because you support #Octabber. 
Good luck to anyone who does choose to quit smoking during October, or any other month of the year. Quit or smoke, it's your choice.
That seems fair enough, but do also go read this light-hearted article at The Free Society and - if you think it's your sort of thing - be sure to pinch the graphic and definitely use the hashtag.


SteveW said...

I had a thoroughly enjoyable, hungover rant at a fella from the Lancashire Evening telegraph this morning, as they rang up to try to nag me into advertising with them as part of Stoptober.

After explaining that there was no such thing and that it wasn't even a word, the idea of supporting any government backed campaign that I'd already paid for was anathema to me and that he would be better off attempting to reproduce asexually, I thanked him for his call and suggested he should have checked what response they got at the same time last year and saved us both the time and effort.

Then got stuck behind a bus on the way home festooned with a large advert imploring me to be sober for October. Is October becoming official puritan month?

Henry Crun said...

I saw that shop a couple of weeks ago. I hope it gives the antis a heart attack

Billy Webb said...

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