Thursday, 10 October 2013

Vapour Spots?

Last month, I wrote about my submission to the Smoke Spots website which is going to win me a trip to Miami. The promotion ended on 30th September so I expect they're just sorting out my tickets as I write.

Meanwhile, the site is doing a great job of highlighting places which feature decent smoking areas, but you may remember that I also submitted a helpful suggestion.
As an aside, I've dropped the site an e-mail to see if they'd consider adding a tag for 'spots' which are vape-friendly indoors too. If they're forward thinking, I hope they will consider it. I'll relay their reply if I get one.
And reply they have done.
Hi Dick_Puddlecote  
Thanks for submitting a spot and sending your question about vaping through to us. 
Our community’s feedback is key to understanding what is important to smokers and from this we’re constantly looking at ways to improve the site. Vape-friendly e-cig spots is a great idea and something which has been suggested in our forum too. We recognise the growing importance of this area and therefore we’re looking into how best to provide this facility for smokers, either as part of the current Smoke Spots site or as an alternative site. 
Kind regards
The Smoke Spots Team
The "growing importance" bit couldn't be more relevant after the EU ruling this week, so perhaps vapers might want to give them some friendly encouragement to hurry it along via the contact details here.

The idea of vape-friendly pubs is something I feel is also a good indicator of those which don't look down their noses at smokers or vapers alike. It's noteworthy that the winner of this year's Best Smoking Area prize at the Great British Pub Awards also boasts on its website that it sells a range of e-cigs which they are happy for customers to use indoors ... bloody handy in the bitter winter wilds of Fraserburgh, I expect.

It was also pointed out to me by long time fellow jewel robber westcoast2 on the day of the Stony Stratford event back in 2011 that the pub which kindly agreed to host our protest against Herr Bartlett's outdoor smoking ban - The Vaults at the Bull Hotel - proudly sported a "vape-friendly bar" sticker on one of the street facing windows.

If a pub doesn't welcome vapers, it doesn't like smokers and vice versa, so I hope Smoke Spots take up the complementary Vape Spots suggestion with gusto. It would be good to send a message that, when choosing pubs, if they're not on either list, we ain't coming in.


Wigan Casino said...

The "smoking area" issue leaves me stone cold.
Silly,cowardly,pathetic pointless defeatist bordering on treason.
So stupid its supporters are akin to the collborators in WW 1 & 2 .
One southern pub group recently admitted to spending over £3 million on
smoking areas. It would be interesting to know how much has been spent on
daft "smoking enclosures" nationally since July 2007
. I will have a GUESS AT APPROX £30-40 MILLION which could have been
better spent giving TRUTH AND REASON a better hearing.
I have yet to read the overall cost of the anti smoking hysteria in these
last 7 years,let me have another GUESSTIMATE
£38-42 BILLION
£38,000.000,000 + for those who like longhand
Doubters of these figures are welcome to forward their own estimates
Dont hold your breath
A room with a view.

DP said...

Dear Mr Puddlecote

One might be forgiven for suggesting that a visit to a series of pubs welcoming e-cigarette users could be called a vaper trail.

I dare say soon some conspiracy buffs would be calling them chem trails.


westcoast2 said...

Stony Stratford, a good day.

Madeline Walker said...

I really don’t get the bad press that vaping is getting, especially the ones where it gets bundled with regular cigarettes. If it’s about the smoke, I daresay it’s nothing compared to how a pub looks like after a few regular smokers have a go at it. And since what you puff out is vapor, it disappears almost entirely after you’ve blown it out. Not to mention that almost no smell lingers after a few minutes.

Madeline @ Nidor Vapor Bar