Saturday 1 February 2014

They Don't Like It Up 'Em

Via Carl Phillips, We've always known that anti-smokers are no fan of free speech or debate, but they seem to be a bunch of spineless whingers too.
== Reported Twitter account: @TobaccoTacticss
== Description of original work: Several copyrighted photographs taken from our flickr account.
== Description of infringement: – Copyrighted image modified to misrepresent our views.
(original image:
- Fake newspaper article including one of our copyrighted images (also infringing the Telegraph’s rights):
- Fake book cover including one of our copyrighted images (also infringing Penguin’s rights):
- use of copyrighted image without authorisation
== Reported Tweet URL:
== Signature: Nicolas Chinardet
That'll be this guy, ASH's techie.

Now, firstly, the hypocrisy is stunning. Here they are moaning about copyright infringement while their current project - plain packaging - seeks to completely destroy billions of pounds worth of copyrighted trade marks and vandalise the places where they are currently displayed. But also, if I understand Twitter correctly, to challenge this childish tantrum from ASH, the person behind the quite brilliant @TobaccoTacticss parody account (well worth following) would have to give their name. So, as well as dummy-spitting from ASH over someone who refuses to fall in line with their totalitarianism, this is just more of the usual vile tobacco control industry intimidation.

That aside, it seems that the tweeted images in question irritate ASH so much that they don't want anyone to see them. So don't look at these, will you? Promise? Cross your heart and hope to die?

I'm glad you averted your eyes, because I'd hate it if you shared these images widely and created some kind of Streisand Effect or something.

God forbid!


Lysistrata said...

Hah! Hahahahahaha! Snort, giggle... :D

Glenn Sheerin said...

I averted my eyes, and will not post them on our vaping forum.

What the.... said...

An insight into the antismoker mentality and its exaggerated, hysterical, highly inflammatory language that produces claims such as “…..because people like you [smokers] are so blinkered as to the
effect your behaviour has on others.”

I for one, as a smoker, was incredibly blinkered. I had no idea the effect my behavior was having on others. It seems I missed it all. In years past, there was – apparently – a constant stream of nonsmokers in distress about me; some with blood streaming from their smoke-affected eyes, others semi-conscious, and still others collapsed on the ground, clutching at
their throats, gasping for air. In restaurants, there was – apparently - a
steady stream of nonsmokers sending their meals back to the kitchen, either unable to see the plate in front of them due to the thick tobacco smoke that had engulfed them and/or unable to savor food due to smoke-affected taste-buds. This was – apparently – going on about me all the time. I missed it all for decades and decades. One would have thought that I would have tripped over a fallen body here and there that might have aroused my suspicion. But I must have been “lucky”, getting through it all upright. There were – apparently – scores of nonsmokers that would leave venues screaming hysterically, tobacco smoke wafting from their hair, clothes and skin, attempting to locate the nearest dry-cleaner/shower to remove the “magical mist” lest their quality of life be utterly destroyed. I had no idea.

Apparently, children have been the great victims. I never noticed while smoking in a car with children passengers that the little folk had become paralyzed; I never noticed that they had turned blue from the toxic
cloud of tobacco smoke that had somehow settled, defying the laws of physics, specifically around their heads….. well, that’s if their faces were visible at all through the static wall of smoke. Apparently, if I had only looked more carefully I would have noticed the long queue at hospital emergency wards of selfish smoking parents presenting their limp-bodied children – straight from the car to gurney - for intensive care….. a consequence of smoking in the car with the little tykes present: “Doctor, I smoked in the car. Please help my child”. I must admit, I missed it.

And apparently, as I smoked in people’s homes, shortly thereafter the paint would begin to peel from the walls, the carpet would disintegrate, goldfish would go belly-up, cats and dogs would lose their hair, and the electricity supply would become inconsistent with occasional sparks from electrical appliances. If I walked down the street smoking a cigarette, apparently plants would wither and the pavement crack, leaving a Moonscape in
my wake. I really had no idea.

A thank-you to antismokers for pointing out my “selfishness” and the world according to antismokers.


nisakiman said...

I particularly like the book cover! It really is genuinely scary! Definitely one to be stored for further dissemination.

What the.... said...

I obviously also missed the recurring news headline

“Children Lost In Car. Cannot Be Located In Rear
Seat Due To Tobacco Smoke”