Wednesday 13 August 2014

A Question For Vapers From A Proud Smoker

A semi-question, semi-rant was posted on Facebook yesterday which - although I mostly disagree - raised some interesting discussion points.

I've known Peter Thurgood online for longer than I've been writing this blog and have met him and his wife on a number of occasions. The most recent times have usually begun with a greeting followed by good-natured banter about what I'm vaping and how he believes my e-cig looks a bit silly.

I don't mind as he's a very decent guy who is absolutely pro-choice (yes, even for e-cigs) and writes illuminating e-books on historical London which I heartily recommend, so not an idiot. But, as someone who really enjoys a smoke, he does have this bee in his bonnet about e-cigs which (I think) is driven by a fear that they pose a threat to people like him who are happy with tobacco and don't want to be rail-roaded into an alternative.

Perhaps many recent FB updates pointing out e-cig articles prompted this, but I did promise him last night to share with vapers to ask their views. So whaddya reckon, vapers? Or smokers, for that matter?
I don't particularly care if e-cigs are healthier or unhealthier than the real thing. I make no secret of the fact that I personally hate the thought of them. If I go into a bar I want to drink the real thing, not some kiddie flavoured alco-pop, and the same goes for smoking - the feel of a cigarette or a cigar is soft and warm to the touch, and the flavour and aroma is real and fantastic, whereas an e-cig is a piece of cold plastic with steam puffing out the end and no wonderful aromas at all. 
I also find the majority of people (not all) who use e-cigs to be far more anti social than real smokers. A good example is when I was in a restaurant recently and the owner went outside to smoke. I then saw it was an e-cig he was puffing on so when he came back inside I asked him why he went outside to do that when it is perfectly legal to use these things inside. He replied rather shirtily "Why should I change the habit of a lifetime" (what bloody lifetime was that I wondered?) 
He then said how healthy he was since he gave up smoking and used e-cigs instead and how his grandchildren now wanted to be with him and how he no longer stunk. 
So what this supercilious bastard was saying, was that I stank? And that my family wouldn't want to be near me? When you hear people talk like that, does anyone blame me for being against e-cigs?
Although Peter is exclusively active on Facebook, I know he'll be reading here so bear that in mind. Of course, if you're replying there, you can no doubt talk to him directly ... he's far from shy.

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