Saturday 23 August 2014

Link Tank 23/08

Bank Holiday non-special.

Illegal cigarettes 'easy' to obtain in Sydney, say teens

Taste Test: does Coca Cola Life taste better than regular Coke?

No kid should go outside alone till age 11, and then only in “short spurts”

Help your country; drink more cider, says Polish minister

The sad history of healthy fast food

Why it's time to legalise prostitution

Sister Doris: Europe's last beer-making nun (pic)

Price controls lead to Venezuela fingerprinting shoppers to prevent shortages

The Pub Landlord talks of snobbery on the comedy scene

Why people look like their pets


nisakiman said...

“When teenagers say ‘plain packaging isn’t working’ every other
indicator would say that it is,” University of Sydney health academic
Simon Chapman said.

Spinmeister Simon Chapman busy defending the indefensible as usual, I see.

I sometimes wonder if deep down he really knows that his pathetic plain packs are an abysmal failure or if he is so mesmerised by his own rhetoric that he actually believes that it is working. I guess probably the latter, sort of like those Jehovah's Witnesses who are utterly convinced of the righteousness of their proselytising crusades, oblivious to the realities of the world.

moonrakin said...

"Fake cigarettes also pose an increased fire risk" - goodness! really?

nisakiman said...

Yes, because they haven't got that untested crap on them that makes people cough blood.

theprog said...

Yet again, the quoted 12-17 year old smoking rates only goes up to 2010, whereas most of the other stats are to 2013.