Saturday, 6 September 2014

Link Tank 06/09

Afternoon delights.

The madness of letting jobsworths hand out fines

The obesity panic on life support

The war on e-cigarettes is enough to make me give up giving up

Has the Australian nanny state gone too far?

The self-loathing of the British Left is now a problem for us all

Inside modern Iran, where porn and prostitution are rampant (pic)

The multi-faceted evolution of caffeine

"Coffee and smokes, and cold Diet Cokes, that's what pretty girls are made of"

The burn ISIS flag challenge goes viral

Face spiders


jmshigham said...

And a fine bit of reading for Saturday as well.

DP said...

Dear Mr Puddlecote

Re: The obesity panic on life support

Dr Rachel Pryke seems to be doing nothing more than attempting to drum up trade for members of her trade union.

As for the Child Obesity Action Group, I am sure she knows just the person to head that at some huge salary, pension and perquisites, comensurate with the importance of the role ...

It's all about money, power and status.

Mr Davis has a brilliant theory on how and why western governments get to be the waste of time they have become:


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