Saturday, 20 September 2014

Link Tank 20/09

Avast, me hearties (a day late)

Young people need to stop worrying about their careers and get out more

What next for the burger?

Boston marijuana users completely ignore the city's parks smoking ban

Cheerleaders frustrate ban on reciting the Lord's Prayer

Why does everyone want to subsidise the stuff that no one wants anymore?

Nanny Bloomberg's extremist policies backfire

Bar staff, your days are numbered (pic)

Everything you need to know about Oktoberfest

The top 5 dadsplaining moments from The Cosby Show

Ants v Spiders


jmshigham said...

Bar staff is a worrying one.

Mark B. said...

From the cited article:

“I heard about [the smoking ban], and it’s not going to stop me. I think
that’s outrageous,” said Andrew, 24, who declined to give his last name
as he puffed on a thick blunt. “The country was founded on the tobacco
plant, and the fact that they’re slowly trying to outlaw it; I think
it’s ridiculous. It’s crazy.

I think I've learned a few important lessons today:

1) There is strength in numbers.

2) THC is okay but nicotine is not (personally, THC makes me paranoid while nicotine sharpens me right up so to each their own).

3) Law enforcement officers did the right thing and usually do the right thing anyways.

4) Someone enjoying the Jane and taking a titanic toke knows more about tobacco than "public health" Nazis.

Somewhere, within the gated paywalled prison community of "public health", a sociopath is weeping, inspiring their peers to throw tantrums.

-- Mark B.

Everhard said...

Dick, you cretin, I'm not taking any advice from you. My first comments stands as it is. You are a waste of space and no one gives a flying fuck about your posts.

I've read your online witterings and they make for some piss poor reading. Next.

geewiz said...

The arrogance of unaccountability with other people's money. An all too common theme. These jumped-up zealots would quickly change their tune if they had to personally finance every dissent-squashing request to lawyers and the police.

Bane said...

God you are a real Thicko.

JonathanBagley said...

From today's (29th September) ASH news:

FPH President

The Faculty of Public Health has issued the following statement:

FPH’s President Professor John Ashton has taken a voluntary leave of absence following an exchange on social media, during which he used inappropriate and offensive language. Professor Ashton and FPH have apologised unreservedly for the comments made.

FPH’s Board of Trustees has discussed the matter at length, given the nature and seriousness of the situation. The Board has registered its strong disapproval of Professor Ashton’s comments, noted the mitigating circumstances and given clear direction on the necessary steps to support Professor Ashton’s return.

We look forward to Professor Ashton’s continuation in the role of President, so that both he and FPH can focus on championing FPH’s vision of delivering “better health for all”.

Norbert Zillatron said...

Ass expected.
A very emphatic "That really wasn't nice!"
("Stupid boy! Getting caught with your pants down!")

And back to business ass usual.

Norbert Zillatron said...

Nobody is perfect.
My name is Nobody.

Norbert Zillatron said...

Bane said...

Take your irrelevant opinions and just go away, you boring idiot.

Pomegranny said...

Shaming others is the ugliest and least healthy addiction humans could fall prey to. And I never saw it help a single smoker quit.