Saturday, 27 September 2014

Link Tank 27/09

Only 170 days till the new cricket season.

Why your kids must watch ‘South Park’

Why eating fast food is completely natural

"To students everywhere: drink, shag, read, argue and debate to your heart’s content"

How US drug laws destroyed the McDonald's coffee stirring spoon (pic)

Labour Party Conference: "It's The Book of Mormon all over again"

Arizona law makes bathtub baby photos a crime

13 year old student shares lunch, gets detention

Bruges plans an underground beer pipeline

Sex etiquette from the roaring 20s

KFC unveils the fried chicken iPhone case


Tony said...

Love the fist link, Southpark is truly brilliant, the "Butt Out" episode is amazing with the anti-smoking singing clowns and the effect they create is absolutely spot-on! Full episode here: :-) (just close the pop-up pages down it plays fine on the original page.)

Blogger said...

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