Wednesday 18 February 2015

Letter To Irish Santa

Please, Santa, let this happen.
"We should retaliate ... the Government should consider some kind of measured response, that if this goes to court they should consider truly punitive taxes on tobacco company profits," he said. 
"Perhaps something like a 99% tax on the profits of tobacco companies, or perhaps something like putting a €1,000 a pack tax on a pack of cigarettes – if the industry tries these kind of antics with us."
A 'measured' response (wtf?) like this would be hilarious.

Wholesale job losses, decimation of pension funds, rampant organised crime and an unstoppable terrorist-led black market would drive Ireland back to being the basket case it used to be before the EU gave them a hefty leg up in the 90s.

Bring it on.

Meanwhile, another anti-smoking Irish politician is trying to paint his government as the poor underpowered underdog in the face of more wealthy and powerful opposition.

Now, remind me. Which side of this fight commands an army and, indeed, can dictate the arbitrary stealing of money from the other without the need of a judge? And which could find themselves vindicated by the legal system but still have their cash stolen by way of retaliation for defending their rights in law?

You're fucked up, Ireland.


What the.... said...

John Frowne, an oncologist and senator…. a dangerous mix. He’s a good example of the medically-aligned deteriorating – à la eugenics – into haughtiness and sanctimony. They’ve deteriorated into “know it alls” (god complex) and have become dangerously judgmental.

I’d like to know how much Frowne (or anyone in the medical establishment, including Public Health) has done to address medically-produced problems, i.e., iatrogenesis? It’ll be zero… zilch…. zip.


The latest on iatrogenic effect:

truckerlyn said...

"I need to be temperate in my language. I'll merely say this - the Irish government will always put the health of its citizens first, and it does so in this case too, without fear or favour from any external force - be that a multinational tobacco industry or other,"

Health of its citizens first? The anti tobacco mobs and governments who are being led by the nose by these mobs do no such thing!

After a wait of over 6 years I have finally been allotted an initial 4 sessions of psychotherapy. At my second session last Monday the Psychologist said that many of my problems have come about because of not being able to smoke when I need to! She accepts that both nicotine and caffeine help to keep many of us calm in stressful situations, but lack of same can make some people act more irrationally and out of character, often putting themselves and, in my case, their livelihood at stake!

6 years ago I lost my well paid and stable job BECAUSE I am a smoker. Now, because of flying off the handle when I am stressed I could potentially lose my new career!

I already told her (the Psychologist) that I have worked very hard to maintain full time employment, whilst others, who suffer, but not as much as I do, sit at home on disability pay!

The biggest problems for me are that, legally, we are not allowed to smoke in trucks (many of us do - but that in itself could get me banned from certain companies - I work through as an agency driver); many sites we deliver to do not have smoking areas and try to prevent us from leaving the site to smoke - if they do have smoking areas, they are often a 10 minute or more walk from where our truck is, which causes problems if the driver is needed to answer any queries.

Both my GP and the Psychologist agree, that whilst smoking is not the healthiest of activities, for some it IS a form of medication and helps enormously with mood, stress and anger - basically because it helps to regulate breathing, which is a very difficult thing to do without a cigarette if you are already stressed out! Neither of these medical professional advocate that I even attempt to give up smoking as it would be extremely detrimental to my health, as high levels of stress and anxiety can be more dangerous!

So, after this diatribe, how exactly, are governments putting the health of citizens first? They have destroyed my life in many ways, including nearly destroying my marriage!

Jade Graham said...

if this goes to court they should consider truly punitive taxes on tobacco company profits," he said.
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