Saturday 28 February 2015

Link Tank 28/02

It's been a strange week.

Gripes over cannabis have all been seen before

In defence of student rugby 'lads'

Diet research built on a house of cards

‘Cover up that t-shirt, or get out!’

Crack-smoking former Mayor Rob Ford selling memorabilia on eBay (pic)

EU rules lawnmowers and mobility scooters need motor insurance

Coffee intake linked to reduced risk of MS

China 'porn inspector' jobs get thousands of applicants

Beer: Solving life's conundrums, one pint at a time

An Italian fish tale


Sam Duncan said...

The Chinese pr0n inspectors remind me of Kenneth Williams in an episode of Hancock's Half-Hour, where he played a film censor. “I sweep up all the bits I've cut out off the floor, take 'em 'ome, and stick 'em together into one long film. It ain't 'alf good.”

nisakiman said...

Gripes over cannabis have all been seen before

I left this comment over on the article:

"Critics believed (correctly) that cigarettes were more dangerous to health because the smoke was typically inhaled."

The paradoxical (and counterintuitive) fact is that the first study conducted by Prof. Richard Doll which established correlation (but not causation - that has never been empirically proven) between smoking and lung cancer found that those smokers in the study who inhaled had a LOWER chance of developing lung cancer than those smokers who did not inhale.

The fact remains, however, that prohibitionists will lie, cheat and misinform in their ideological drive to outlaw that which they hate, whether it's tobacco, marijuana or alcohol. And we can add sugar and fast food to that list now.

Truth has always been the first casualty in any attempt at prohibition because its proponents are invariably zealots for whom the end justifies the means.