Saturday, 21 February 2015

Link Tank 21/02

Take your pick.

The tyranny of health Down Under

Sin taxes, public health and public opinion

Green Party: The first 100 days

The Israeli relaxed attitude to allowing kids out on their own

Britain could teach the world how not to run a railway

#Vaping 2015 - The year of the Advocate?

Australia bans traditional Pacific Islands drink

Burger King launches UK home deliveries (pic)

Swedish Fanny banned by Nectar

Scots turned to porn on referendum night

Caffeine and nicotine-protected bees


nisakiman said...

Re the link to the Australian Kava story (as an o/t aside, interestingly, 'Kava' is Greek for a shop that sells alcohol):

"....That's my job and I think it should be banned and I will continue pursuing it until it is banned."

Says it all about the prohibitionist mindset really, doesn't it? Yet another zealot who believes he knows what's best for other people. And will do whatever is necessary to achieve his goal.

They are indeed a pestilence on the land.

The Blocked Dwarf said...

Re Burger Fling Home Delivery: Surely CHILD obesity will abound if children are able to access burgers in an uncontrolled environment ? Will the delivery men be required to see proof of Age before handing over the goods? I DEMAND that Burger King be required BY LAW to print Health Advice on every packet they deliver and to have LEGAL restrictions placed upon exactly how many portions of chips etc they may deliver to a single address in a one week time frame. WE MUST PROTECT THE CHILDREN.

nisakiman said...

And don't forget that all the packaging must be the colour of diarrhea, with no branding and with graphic pictures of obesity related diseases covering 75%.

Blogger said...

Anybody else wants a FREE BURGER KING GIFTCARD?