Saturday 7 March 2015

Link Tank 07/03

Top link is a must-read.

Endgame: the Islamic State approach to tobacco control

Meet the hardest working man in porn

Interactive guide to the cheapest and most expensive countries to get your vice

Former American footballer urges NFL to ditch marijuana ban

Reach for the pies: London's original fast food (pic)

Junk science and New York's phoney fracking ban

Guinness introduces $35 brew

Prostitute challenges the constitutionality of California's solicitation laws

Sipping 170 year old beer

The man who posted himself to Australia

Strolling koala

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Sam Duncan said...

You're not wrong. He's absolutely right about TC's complete failure to understand - or deliberate refusal to accept - the fact that supply follows demand. It's amazing how much political stupidity is caused by ignorance of basic economics. I mean, I'm no Hayek or von Mises myself, but this is “2+2=4”-level stuff.