Friday 20 March 2015

Surely Some Mistake

Yes, we've had a good laugh about this many times before, but once more won't hurt.

Who said this in response to criticism of plain packaging proposals by the ASI?
[T]he “domino theory” i.e. that once a measure has been applied to tobacco it will be applied to other products is patently false.
Why it was ASH's Deborah Arnott, of course, who is also board member of the Framework Convention Alliance which guides implementation of the WHO's FCTC.

Well, via Snowdon, here is what a patent falsehood looks like, in a document prefaced by Margaret Chan of the WHO.

It goes on to say ...
Existence of a global health treaty (WHO FCTC) as well as effective national and sub-national legislation make tobacco control a model for addressing other pressing NCD-related issues that require better regulations, including harmful use of alcohol and unhealthy diet.
Fancy that!

I'm sure a retraction and apology for deliberately misleading the public will be forthcoming from Debs very soon. After all, it's only the tobacco industry who talk bollocks and make stuff up, isn't it?


DaveAtherton20 said...

Trousers down down time. May God blind me if I am wrong.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Meanwhile, James Reilly had this to say at WCTOH today.

"Truth, as an old lady once told me, is not fragile. It will not break - nor will we."

An odd approach when speaking about a campaign built on lies and deceit - as Arnott's words above illustrate - I thought. ;)

Norbert Zillatron said...

Maybe he meant it as an analogy: While he have nothing else in common with Truth, ...

Mark Wadsworth said...

I wish they would ban "fries" and the sooner the better.
Then we can go back to good old fashioned CHIPS.
Fish and chips. Tasty.
"Fish and fries", who on earth has ever ordered that?

nisakiman said...

Fish and chips. Tasty.

Yum! Deep fried with lots of salt and vinegar. And served up in a page ripped out of one of the tabloids. If you got lucky, it was page three from 'The Sun'. Just the job on the way back from the pub, having consumed therein well in excess of the government recommended limits.

moonrakin said...

Off Topic sort of - there's been a local meeting of wingnut health busybodies and I looked up the invited speaker one Zummerzet GP Andrew Tresidder who's a leading light in this crew which led me to discover that - and this is the point... The previous head of The World Health Organisation is an adherent of the "WiFi causes headaches" and "Smart Electicity Meters kill trees" thing as well as formally denying smokers employment at WHO ... Second hand WiFi anybody?

truckerlyn said...

They propose this when so far it is abundantly clear that plain packaging has done nothing to lessen smoking, in fact, it has increased the number of younger people starting in Australia!

Has to make you wonder what planet these morons are on when all they can come up with is more of what is already there and doesn't work!