Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Anatomy Of A Government-Funded Fraud

If you ever believed that your government remotely cares about truth and process. That they value the concerns of individuals and businesses over and above civil servants, quangoes, and those who they fund to tell them what they want to hear ... perhaps you should read this.

It's chapter and verse on how a law was passed, contrary to the overwhelming objections from those it would affect, utilising extraordinarily manipulated statistics; intentional exclusion of anyone who raised objection; wilful distortions of fact; hideous arrogance; and bastardisation of democratic process. All in the face of evidence from other countries that the law quite simply doesn't work as intended.

Remember that this was passed in this country, not a banana republic. And it was passed last year, not in the dusky parliamentary times when Old Etonians did as they damn well pleased.

The whole sorry catastrophe is catalogued in 39 simple-to-digest pages HERE - I urge you to read it.

Do also remember three things:

1) That this is merely one tiny area of government policy where mendacity has been used to drive legislation.

2) That just one MP is standing in the way of this nonsense being repealed ... in a government which is boasting of a Great Repeal Bill.

3) That ... are you absolutely sure, after reading the report, that you haven't been lied to consistently by MPs before?




Smoking Hot said...

Trouble is DP that's exactly what it is ... a banana republic masquerading as a democracy. l have no faith left at all in democracy and justice in this country. No matter what is exposed whether it be corruption or whatever ... nothing happens! lt just remains the same.

l've resorted to fighting back in the only way l know how and that's hitting the government where it hurts ... the tax coffers. As a smoker l can do this to some great effect and l hope l can convince others to do the same.

Anyone wanting advice on how to legally purchase and bring back tobacco goods from EU should just get in touch with me. l give the advice freely and a lot of it is already on my blog with more to follow.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, however, indulge me for a moment.....

Perhaps, in another world, there might be a pressure group called, I don't know, something like 'Activism for Smoker's Health'.

Perhaps it might be projecting the inevitablity of its own success: "It's inevitable that all tobacco control legislation will be repealed"

OR maybe sending tens of thousands of post cards to MPs reinforcing that message.

OR maybe fostering anti anti-smoker hatred by calling Big Public HEalth notables "Eugenecists" or "Harm-Augmentors" or "Child killers" (After all, has smoking prevalence not risen amongst cheeeeeeldren since 2007?)

Combined with civil activism by members (Perhaps sticking something over those no-smoking signs rather than taking them down, maybe a nice smoke here version in green or just cover up the "against the law bit" with IT SHOULD ME MY F**KING CHOICE?)

Perhaps defensive harassment, finding anti smoking activists and just harassing the kidneys out of them when they appear in public with their shiny smoke free tables and their piles of 93% useless NRT.

Maybe, I don't know, maybe, these might be useful steps?

Anonymous said...

Smoking hot
I'me with you,but I go further
I smoke but I will not buy tobacco in the UK
I drink but I will not drink in a
British Pub
I am a Christian but I will not give a penny to any charity
I have many holidays but none in
the British Isles.
I once attacked the lazy skivers
now I encourage them.
My freedom and choice is restored
Westminster treats me like an
undesirable,so let it be,as an
undesirable shall I be
For every one who wishes to make
the "Big Society" I will find 10
to break it.
Debate is over,the Rubicon has
been crossed.

Rebel with a cause

Anonymous said...

I think we are coming full circle from an historical perspective, this country has seen a long and bloody civil war because a monarch believed he had the devine right to rule, he believed he could tax as he wished to finance whatever hairbrained scheme he fancied.

The parliament that was founded after this war became so corrupted that even its staunchest defender had to dissolve it, and apon his death we were forced into a constitutional monarchy to control the excesses of parliament.

Here we are today with a government that clearly believes that it has a'devine right' to legislate how we live on an health mandate voted for by none of the electorate, a monarchy that is too weak to impede them and an upper house that is merely a rubber stamp.

Worse still most people have a bout of apathy that had it of existed in 1940 would had ensured that Adolf Hitler's SS would be goosestepping at the changing of the guard outside Buckingham Palace while Adolf had tea with the King!

The preceding posters all have said very much the same thing, corrupt government, overtaxation and a general disregard for what we the people who have loaned them the authority to do their work think or want.

Yes members of the House of Commons your authority is on loan, it is not a right, we the people may remove our consent, as our will dictates, this is why Nu-Labour are the party opposite, you would be well advised to listen to what you are told by the people or lose that consent by ballot.

Charles I and Oliver Cromwell both testify to the results of bad governance and an angry people, heed them well.

Anonymous said...

With Smoking all the way and l'd go further. Get your tobacco from anyone, the markets, man down the road, anyone as long as you don't buy it from UK shops. Dont bother me with that its illegal cos l dont care. Our MPs are corrupt with their expenses so l'm just doing what they do and thats looking after no1 and thats me. No more stupid petitions, from now it's action. l'll make sure all my smoking friends do the same. Whilst lm at it l'll get all my alcohol from supermarkets too. Save the pubs? whats the bloody point when they make no effort to save themselves? No, action is needed and if we all do it in our own little fraternities it will make a difference. Screw the nicey nicey approach from such as FOREST. All very admirable and all that but they're pissing down FORESTS back and telling them it's raining.ACTION NOT WORDS!


Spartan said...

@Macka l share your sentiments. l see Simon at Forest hasn't said anything about the actual meeting itself and neither has VGIF. lt's no reflection on them that only 1 MP turned up but it is a reflection on how much Parliament is taking notice an as such should have been commented on.

Obviously nicey nicey doesnt work, so it's time for action as you say.

Anonymous said...

We need urgently to ask the various campaigns and sympathetic bloggers whats planned for getting this issue out of the softly,softly
bunker and into the daylight.
What can we do to get more of the
silent millions on board and then who will give them somethimg they can get their hands on instead of just their eyeballs.Theres 50,000
landlords and millions of angry smokers wondering if anythings

Will the nice people please stop telling us eveything is OK

Just be honest ,it is'nt

We need just 0.01% of smokers
= 1000

1 in a 10000

I'me in.

Little Black Sambo said...

Has there been any sign since the election that this government will stop funding fake charities like ASH?

Dick Puddlecote said...


Probably shouldn't be a surprise considering it was a Tory government which literally created Alcohol Concern.

Anonymous said...

The Scottish parliament is set to introduce the same measure also based on 'facts' from Canada.

Has anyone informed the Scottish Governemnt of their mistake?