Thursday, 22 July 2010

A Little Knowledge ...

Ignore, for a moment, the calls for Billie Piper to be sectioned, locked up or sterilised, along with the plethora of other ad homs and vile insults towards smokers.

Because Daily Mail crazies readers, knowledgeable as they are, inevitably sometimes come out with valuable conclusions based on solid, incontrovertible science.

There ARE statistics that prove second hand smoke is just as bad as smoking yourself.

- Lynn, UK, 22/7/2010 9:23
OK, noted.

hugging a child while covered in a layer of chemicals deposited by smoking, or lifting you child with the hands you held your cigarettes in is even worse than 2nd hand smoking, as the chemicals are transfered though contact

- ton, london, 22/7/2010 8:26

Active smokers are in the clear, then. A 40 per day habit is no more dangerous than getting the occasional whiff of someone's clothes after they've been outside for a gasper, apparently.


Puff away folks. Just keep clear of surfaces and clothes on which smoke may have landed.


George Speller said...

yeah, but the comments are very positive. Also the pic has clearly been manipulated - there's a hole right through the kid. I'm damn sure "passive smoking" didn't do that.

BTS said...

I certainly shan't be hugging any children in future..

Dick Puddlecote said...

BTS: Are you even allowed since they let you out? ;)

Leg-iron said...

The other side to those hysterical rants is, of course, that it is rapidly becoming possible to terrify those people to death.

Just shake hands with them - then tell them you're a smoker.

It's rapidly getting to the stage where they will believe they have been poisoned so strongly, they'll produce psychosomatic symptoms.

Fun times ahead!

BTS said...

Dude, they didn't let me out. They just neglected to search me thoroughly enough.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to comprehend that otherwise sensible people have descended to such stupidity, although they probably think they're reasonable & rational.

I think the best one I read on there was from Taylor, she said her husband smokes rollies, but of course has to go outside. But when he goes back indoors he washes and even cleans his teeth before he's allowed near his baby daughter.

Now if this isn't someone seriously deluded I don't what is. How can normal people actually believe that touching someone after having a cigarette is going to contaminate or kill them.

These people are so tragic I've come to pity them.

Bearwitch said...

now, I know it is the old adage but how about when they walk along a street heavy with traffic or take the cheeeelddrreeen on holiday via an airport. Of course, neither of these do them any harm whatsoever, do they....

Can I say fuckwits on here, Dick? ;-)

Am in a smoking hotel room in Canada - will I get sued for the damage done to the hotel staff?

BTS - agreed that I will not be hugging any small cheeeelllldrreeen either. If they want to come near me (don't want to be near them) and their parents believe the crap, they can take their chances.

Bucko said...

I must point out that I also will not be hugging any children. They smell worse than smokers.

We had a few guests on Saturday night and my friends brought their one year old. All us smokers moved into the back room but eventually the others joined us.
We later moved into the back yard but as it was a nice night, everyone else joined us again.

Its good to know I keep the company of sensible people who enjoy being around us.

Peperbarmi said...

Good grief,I read some of the comments but started feeling ill from the deluge of righteousness.

Im off to blow smoke into a child`s face.