Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Hugh Are You?

Don't say you never get treated here. Pin your ears back for a healthy dose of common sense from ... Scotland?

Professor Hugh McLachlan, expert on the ethics of public health at Glasgow Caledonian University's School of Law and Social Sciences, said the government's role was not necessarily to mould or direct the general health.

"I think they (the figures] have a sociological interest, they give us a snapshot that you can compare over time, but whether its the government's responsibility to influence public health over time, it's arguable.

"The state does provide health care and it's required that it treats individuals impartially and I think that's the end of its responsibility."

Prof McLachlan said that he doubted whether it was the state's task to adjust the aggregate figures of the NOS, rather than offer people the opportunities and information on how to lead a healthy life and allow them to make an informed choice.
Did he just fart in Jockland's public health spacesuit? I think he did, you know.

The good Prof must feel as isolated as Robinson bloody Crusoe up there amongst the celtic bansturbatory hordes.

And having done, oooh, at least 5 minutes research, he appears to revel in opposing the 'consensus' in other areas too, if the teasers to these two articles are anything to go by. Shame that only subscribers to the Scotsman's premium content (I'm not sniggering, honest) are able to read further.

If The Free Society ever replicate their London debates north of the border, I'd wager that Prof Hugh's presence on the panel would make for a good night out.


Anonymous said...

A wee speckle of an normal brain
north of the Wall in the land of
silly, pictish ,croft dwelling,
frock lifting,pipe squeeling,
Calvinistic levellers. Whats next
an hundred foot statue of Edward
Plantagenet outside Holyrood.

Sam Duncan said...

Yeah, thanks for that, Anon. I've never been Pictish in my life. Or Celtic, for that matter.

Aaaaanyway... Good for Hughie there. Trouble is, he hasn't thought it through. Whenever the state has a monopoly on healthcare, it's inevitable that people's health becomes its business, and that the concepts of public health and individual welfare become confused.

DerekP said...

Line of the week:

"Did he just fart in Jockland's public health spacesuit?"