Friday, 30 July 2010

Atlas Shrugged - The Movie

Nothing to see here tonight as it's the time of year where we splurge an obscene amount of money, at a plush hotel, on thanking our staff for their efforts via the medium of rich food and copious quantities of alcohol.

We've pushed the boat out this time, too, with a cabaret singer and roving magician thrown in. Should be fun ... especially if we manage a fourth successive year without a punch up.

For a little interest, though, you may like this behind-the-scenes look at the making of a new film based on Atlas Shrugged, a book well-regarded by libertarians the world over. In order to do do it justice, I understand this is to be the first part of a trilogy, though there is much debate about whether the makers will capture the essence of Ayn Rand's original work.

Something tells me, though, that however good (or bad) it turns out to be, it won't pop up at your local neon-bedecked, chav-encrusted, popcorn-littered multiplex alongside the latest 3D blockbuster or The Rock 'visual chewing gum' offering. You may have to scan the specialist movie theatres or wait for the DVD release.

It's also interesting to note that, although it's taken 53 years from the book's publication, just the fact that such a project is being undertaken at all is further proof that libertarian ideas are gaining significant attention in the US. Which is rather encouraging.


Oldrightie said...

I always imagine the shrug unseats the Bilderbergers. Well, in my dreams.

Anonymous said...

I usually think the movie is worse than the book - but in this case it's hard to imagine.

Turgid prose, banal plot. Unreadable once you're past your teens.

In summary, gives libertarians a bad name!

westcoast2 said...

Turgid prose, banal plot. Unreadable once you're past your teens.

I disagree. This is well worth reading. Some may prefer 'The Fountainhead' though.

If you think it 'gives libertarians a bad name! then re-read it. There are many levels.

Although a vehicle for Ayn Rand's philosophy (and yes it is laboured at times), other themes run thoughout.

TheFatBigot said...

Good quality roving prestidigitators are always a hit. Fine choice Mr P.