Monday, 26 July 2010

Don't Pay The Bully

Smoking Hot has noticed that government doesn't care much for smokers. I dunno, maybe it was the subtle, hardly noticeable signals which alerted him ... like their DISMISSING EVERY FUCKING WORD WE SAY, for example.

In return, SH advocates not giving them what they truly desire above all else. Our taxes.

I'm in, and as such will be sauntering over to Antwerp for the weekend on August 6th with a box of cash in the boot.

He's even set up a Facebook group and everyfink, where tips, tricks and cheap travel deals will no doubt be discussed.

Up yours Cleggy-boy, we didn't used to pay the playground bully, so your lot can go swivel too.


Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Amen Brother!

I'd add "Support your local independent importer!"

What's truly rich is the righteous sucking on the tit of tobacco revenue calling the tobacco companies "unprincipled dishonest profiteers" phew-eee - pot<>black<>kettle doesn't get close to the screeching hypocrisy of the righteous.

Weymouth <> Jersey £26 + 200 Bensons £20, Tesco 200 B&H £62, £16 quid on a nice lunch.....

The Wasp said...

Amen indeed.

I made sure my luggage allowance was fully utilised when returning from holiday at the weekend. I certainly will not be paying any tobacco taxes for a few months now.

Kris said...

Antwerp is a good place to be :)

Next time Gdansk?
Cigarettes are even cheaper there and it`s a beautiful city.

Dirty smoking bastard said...

Just be aware of the actions of our French cousins. The Douanes have this habit of pulling cars over on the motorway in from Belgium and impounding any amount of tobacco over 1000 fags per vehicle (not person) to protect the French treasury. Illegal? Yes. Protectionist? Without doubt. But are you going to argue with the Frenchman with the gun? Ain't the EU great?

Dick Puddlecote said...

Gordon: Very good point. US anti-smoking nutters have been making a lucrative living on smoker cash for over a decade now.

Wasp: When it runs out, do the run again. With our taxes so high, you can't lose. :-)

Kris: Good call, I hear Latvia is incredibly cheap too, and a buzzing night life to boot.

Anonymous said...

Top Marks again Richard.

Keep hammering the message out,
Real Britons do not donate to a system which treats honest citiens
like filth.
Only backstabbing cronies subscribe
to the disgracefull ,abject treatment of the old ,the vulnerable,the disabled,the poor
and the lonely
Only the lowest Judas of a human being can support such a law which condemns so many to segregated isolation ,based entirely on well funded myths.

Farewell to Honour

Anonymous said...

DSB, I read that there actually is a French law forbidding posession of more than 200 cigs - very cunning, as most people don't buy more than one carton at a time, and obviously passed to counter British tourists form shopping in Belgium and then returning to the UK via French ports.

Anonymous said...

Precisely what I did last summer...

Al gets the raised eyebrown from French AND UK customs

I spent everything I saved on Bulgarian prostitutes in Antwerp. Check them out.


BTS said...

Some tobacco would be greatly appreciated.

The folks haven't been to Spain for ages but I'd still like to show my support for the cause..

Drum or somesuch would be great.


Dick Puddlecote said...

Al: I'm going with some rather large guys, so if we have that kind of grilling it could be fun. I'll look out for Bulgarians too (Mrs P, you didn't read that, OK?).

BTS: I take cash, cheque or card. ;)

Anonymous said...

Slightly of topic: My wife runs a pub, and has a large garden she has spent much money on helping smokers, being one herself. This includes four heaters two awnings ans a small marque, plus extra seating. I popped in to see her this lunch time, and was chatting with some customers and staff, this woman? in her early 60's came out and sat down at one of the tables, all of a sudden she went of on one saying paul paul (hubby?) there are smokers out here how disgusting and left the pub in a hurry, all tho it was not my place to say anything, I followed her and her cucukled hubby and let them have a piece of my mind. I may add that I do not smoke, but have seen my wifes profits plummet and her expense go up. those who say that they would come to pubs without smokers are liars they have not come thats right you righteous asrsehole you have not come! A further point is the pub is a old style 2 bar pub my wife tried and experiment she made one side smoking and the other bar and resturant non smoking it worked and it worked well. Just thought I would share this little story with you. If anyone would like the true impact of smoking and the pub trade please ask.