Friday, 23 July 2010

Industry Brings Its Just Rewards

Bliss! The little Puddlecotes have been packed away for the weekend so Fanny P and I can trot off down to Bath and surrounding areas till Sunday. The laptop has been banned, but considering the huge volume of luggage Mrs P is bringing, it wasn't hard to squirrel it in when her back was turned.

Actually using it may be a trifle more difficult, though, so don't expect too much thoughtful prose here (yes, very funny, I heard the quip about there not being any for the rest of the year either, ta very much).

But before I go, congratulations are in order after the announcement of a most prestigious award.

(Click on the pic for full enjoyment)

And may their industry, innovation, and willingness to please be free of government interference for the upcoming 12 months.

Sirs, we salute you.

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