Monday, 26 July 2010

Hey, It Was Only A Joke!

Four out of ten Lib Dem voters were only kidding

Four in 10 people who say they voted Lib Dem would not have done so had they expected the party to actually wield some power.

"This isn't what I voted for at all!", exclaimed Bob Cross from Kingston, "By placing my X in the Lib Dem box I was just advocating anyone but the Tories. After all, I couldn't admit to supporting Labour in this area as I'd be viewed as a bit of a crank."

Peter Llewellyn of Cardiff was equally irritated, "It was such a laugh being condescending to other parties as we dreamed up crowd-pleasing policies funded by imaginary money. But that's all it was ... a laugh!"

In Chester, Mary Hubbyknowsbest added, "My Derek said that the Lib Dems knew how to painlessly solve the country's problems without fear of being elected and disproving it. I feel cheated."

Meanwhile, Dick Puddlecote of Puddlecoteville was rather blunt. "See, the problem with Lib Dems is that only a precious few of them understand what the word Liberal actually fucking means. So this level of disillusion in the face of harsh reality doesn't come as much of a surprise, to be honest.".

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Pat Nurse said...

Never have so many been told what to do by those who had so few votes.