Thursday, 29 July 2010

Mascot Watch (9) - The 4 Play Edition

Our esteemed mascot came out to play with Channel 4 execs yesterday. Amongst other queries, he wanted to know why they claim to be an 'equal opportunities employer' whilst offering bursaries only to certain ethnic minorities.

Watching the clip below, the body language of the Channel 4 delegation suggests that they've never experienced anything quite like it. Davies, on the other hand, appears to rather enjoy embarrassing them with information they willingly provided in their own report.

The Freedom Association add more.

Speaking later on the issue, Philip Davies stated: "I am totally against positive discrimination and think that every job should be appointed on merit, not based on the colour of someone's skin, religious beliefs or sexuality. As an employer I want the best person who can do the job and couldn't care less what their personal attributes are, as long as they are qualified, efficient and responsible."
And, as an employer myself, I would tend to agree.


Christopher Snowdon said...

I was thinking 'ask the all-white panel whether they'd be prepared to step down for the sake of the quota' when he did just that. The man is a legend.

banned said...

8%? Last I heard it was supposed to be 5%.

I presume that most of those comfey middle class people sitting around in that room are on one public payroll or another, isn't it time they got a proper job?

But I take your point Dick and enjoyed the 'race quota' card being shoved up Channel 4s nose in that way.

SimonF said...

Milton Friedman explains why free markets wouldn't tolerate any form of discrimination or racist behaviour in Capitalism and Freedom printed in 1955 (I think, but can't lay my hands on my copy to get the exact publication date) and nothing has changed since.

The best available person for the job is always in everyone's interest.

Breaker said...

Genius. Why don't you resign and allow a BME person to take your job?

Delivered deadpan, no rising emotion, no anger, just bald facts stated.


Little Black Sambo said...

This man is pure gold.