Saturday 28 May 2011

Link Tank 28/05

As VGIF stressed, the top story is a must-read. Lucky dip for the rest.

Predicting shoddy BBC reporting a day before it appeared

On raising 'Gender Free' kids

Regulations are more damaging to brewers than a natural disaster

More smokers jailed in Bhutan, "countless others" could follow soon

Let's cut down trees to save the planet

Drink 8 bottles of wine, you'll be unharmed if hit by Mike Tyson

Italian seismologists tried for manslaughter for not predicting earthquake

Lunch of the future, sandwiches in a can

Riot police fire on Brazilian protesters calling for legalisation of Marijuana

Canadian hospital bans doughnuts

Drunk parrots


Anonymous said...

Re: Gender-free Kids.

My first question to the couple probably would be, "is it a boy or a girl"? And my second question would be, "why are you such a pair of utter c*nts?"

Anonymous said...

So admissions to hospitals are already pre-rated by percent attributable to drinking, smoking, obesity, etc. - thus for every hospital admission, depending on what for, 1 admission becomes attributed to fantasy made-up "causes" such as 1/3 smoking related, 1/3 drinking related, 1/6 overweight related, 1/6 salt related - and so on. Then, at end of the year, they tally up the various small percentages to come up with totals by categories, then spit those back out to "prove" exactly what the manufactured in the first place, by bisecting admission causes into phony percentages to end up with results exactly as programmed into the computer in the first place.

Smart, very smart. Then publish it. As truth.

nisakiman said...

Re gender free kids:


Complete and utter tosh.

Words fail me...

SadButMadLad said...

I read the fourth link as "More smokers jailed in Britain, 'countless others' could follow soon"

Anonymous said...

Britain will be jailing smokers soon enough. Once they get the outdoor bans going, that's when they'll start passing out the fines and jail time. Bhutan and North Korea are just good examples of where anti-smoking gets its ideas and where they carried out the experiment first, before importing it to here.