Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Richard Bacon And His, Err, Impartial BBC Radio Show

It's a constant source of astonishment to me that lefties sometimes point to the BBC being somehow biased to the right of centre. No, seriously, they do!

One has to conclude, then, that they've never listened to triangular-headed, barely restrained hysterical lefty, and all-round bag of bollocks, Richard Bacon on Radio Five Live. I've mentioned his wide-eyed infantile inanity before, but on Monday he and his selected right-on chums truly excelled themselves.

Cue his programme to around 1:47:00 here and you'll almost be able to cut the wildly ideological circle jerk with a blunt spoon, such is its egregious nature.

Libertarian author Ayn Rand - so obviously not Bacon's cup of tea - is widely read and well-regarded by very many for her ideas and philosophies. On a truly politically-neutral network, this would be recognised. Not for Bacon, oh no.

"She was Russian! Wrote books which were very influential, but are essentially thought of as a lot of rubbish."
He doesn't say by whom, but I think we can guess from that where he gets his received wisdom, can't we?

Fortunately, such a forthright and unequivocal viewpoint was given the BBC impartiality treatment by his guest. Well, not really, no.

"Yeah, bonkers. Bonkers. The Fountainhead, and she had this philosophy, a very selfish philosophy where everyone is out for themselves, where they should be out for themselves"
The guest being Heat Magazine editor Boyd Hilton, who yesterday lauded Polly Toynbee's wisdom. Yes, seriously!

How self-interest can possibly be described as 'bonkers' is anyone's guess since it is an undeniable trait of the human condition. On that basis, Adam Smith must be considered quite insane for pointing out that butchers, bakers and brewers - funny enough - don't provide you goods as a charity, but to enrich themselves.

So how did this short but breathlessly eager hatchet job come about, I hear you ask? Well, it was Bacon's TV review. The programme in question being All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace which seemed to me to be about our increasing reliance on computers. They did mention this in passing but were more interested in aiming barbs at Alan Greenspan.

You see, For Bacon's mob, it was proof positive that Randian philosophy destroyed the world and that progressives were right all along. That the programme - as a fan on Curtis's BBC blog succinctly put into words more adroitly than Bacon ever will - "raises a loaded gun to the head of consumer capitalism".

Further, ahem, balance was provided by his other guest who opined that his Mum was better qualified to handle a major economy than a free market advocate.

If you listen very carefully, you can just about hear the sighs as they all climaxed together. I swear they'd have even enjoyed a post-masturbatory fag had it not been illegal.


Oldrightie said...

it seems all coke heads are addled lefties, Dick.

Anonymous said...

Bacon is a cockwaffling weasel. I switch over to BBC6 whenever I hear his whiny little voice on 5Live.

I'm listening to 5Live less and less these days. Campbell, Derbyshire, Bacon and Allen - lefty twats all. It is fast becoming the radio version of the Daily Mirror.

If it wasn't for the footy coverage I wouldn't listen to it at all.

Private Widdle said...

Henry C has it spot on.

Bacon is an utter twat. 5Live, apart from the sports, is a fucking embarrassment. You could add Pienaar to that list of biased Lefty dickwads too.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Agreed. On the money, Henry.

zippgun said...

"Americana" on R4 on sunday featured a piece on Senator Joe McCarthy on which, the host Matt Frei said, they would be presenting a more complex view than the usual sort you get on him.

No need to say this was up to the BBC's standard-a shallow, innacurate and partisan hatchet job. I wrote a detailed official letter of complaint to the BBC.

Hopefully a revised version of this letter will be appearing on the Biased BBC blog soon.

The BBC-the tower of sedition.

Michael Fowke said...

Is this Bacon guy not interested in his self then?

Anonymous said...

Bacon hates smoking. He made that clear when he had a late evening show on R5L. Tony Livesey now hosts the show. He is very professional and a more attractive person than Bacon. He gives no indication of his views on the issues discussed in the show.

Private Widdle said...

Get on Wikipedia quickly-

Bit of sabotage been going on.

"Often compared to Alan Partridge"

SadButMadLad said...

The Wiki page is fuuuuuuny!

"Since January 2010 he has been the regular presenter of the mid after show weak days on BBC Radio 5 Dive;"


Anonymous said...

Just tidied up the grammar and syntax on the Wiki somewhat. I couldn't see a single thing wrong with the content. ;-)

Elby the Beserk said...

Heard his programme entirely by mistake a few weeks back. Well, at least, the first couple of minutes. That was more than enough

Dr Evil said...

I watched a good part of the programme. It was fascinating. I am now determined to read Atlas Shrugged and judge for myself. Ayn Rand seems to still influence the movers and shakers in Silicon Valley. These are not stupid people and will not be influenced by philosophy that RB termed as bollocks.

Sam Duncan said...

I didn't see the programme they were discussing, although I noticed a brief - and surprising, given it was the BBC - shot of Rand in the trailer. (My immediate reaction? “Uh-oh... another hatchet-job...”)

A question to anyone who did: did it mention that “consumerism” was as dirty a word to her as it is to the Left? Or that she thought Friedman-Greenspan-esque monetarism was the work of the Devil (or would have done if she'd believed in Old Nick)?

I'm certian Bacon wouldn't have bothered with these minor distinctions. After all: Rand, Greenspan, Hitler... they're all right wing, innit?

Dick Puddlecote said...

Private Widdle: That's very naughty ... go to the high achiever step. ;)

Chalcedon & Sam Duncan: We're talking former Blue Peter presenter who gets his entire life learning from the Guardian. I doubt he knows much about nuance in libertarian philospohy, let alone cares. He'll pretend he does, though, the cock.

Another aspect which sets him apart from Mayo is language. I swear RB's vocab is around a fifth of his predecessor's. As the quoted part tends to prove.

Private Widdle said...

Not me, honest. I haven't messed around with Wikipedia since I altered Robbie Williams' entry to read "... is just an annoying tap dancer from Stoke".

Well done to whoever it was, though.

Falco said...

What do you expect from the Graun's broadcasting arm?

BritishBiasedCorporation said...

Good points well made. I have informed the limp-wristed Commies at the BBC that I shan't be listening until they dispense with the liberal bleeding heart propaganda merchants like Bacon, Derbyshire and that inscrutable Ulsterman who talks about sport. I have said 63 emails and heard nothing back, but I'm not surprised. As a great man once said ' if nobody does anything then things will be bad'.