Tuesday 14 June 2011

Addicted To Cash

Well, fancy that, Aussie-style!

May 17th 2011

Health Minister Nicola Roxon says Labor stopped taking donations from tobacco companies in 2004 - since then the Opposition has accepted $1.7 million.

"Mr Abbott needs to kick his habit," Ms Roxon said in a statement.

"As a former health minister, Mr Abbott knows that tobacco kills 15,000 Australians each year - a tragic number that brings suffering to families all over Australia.

"Accepting donations from big tobacco is just not acceptable, given we know how dangerous these products are and to what low levels these companies will stoop to keep killing Australians."
June 14th 2011

Roxon admits seeking funds from big tobacco

The ABC has obtained letters that show Nicola Roxon wrote to Philip Morris executives in 2005, inviting them to a $1,500-a-table fundraiser.

The event, featuring new MP Peter Garrett as the star attraction, was held a year after Mark Latham banned tobacco donations to the Labor Party.

Ms Roxon, who was then shadow attorney-general, signed off on the letters, saying she looked forward to the company's "continuing support".
Hypocrite, much?


Anonymous said...

It's the old story - never refuse money; it can always be washed.

Nice to hear of another hypocrite - always plenty of room for more, as the vicar said!

I am Stan said...

Yes Mr P them politico`s just looove the filthy lucre, me too, cash ooooh the smell of it, tobbaco,booze gourmet food, I just can`t get enough, just like them politico`s.

Difference is I have to earn it, them crafty bastards just take it off us mugs, hahaha slippery eh!, who`s the fools ere Mr P.

They loooove the flesh too you know, it`s all them second homes, wads in envelopes and being on the telly gobbing off like the Hoff, makes em as randy as a rat on viagra, throw me another, throw me another, young intern that is...


Angry Exile said...

Damn, scooped.

Angry Exile said...

More here DP.

Anonymous said...

She is a foul bitch. I wrote to her a couple of years ago regarding the ban on e-cigarettes. I received a letter back saying that they didn't want to do anything which would be seen as "normalising" smoking.