Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Tonight, Matthew ...

The Free Society couldn't have planned the scheduling of tonight's Voices of Freedom debate better if it had the services of Mystic Meg and any number of yank psychics at its disposal.

The BBC yesterday:

Free school 2012 applications reach 281
The Mirror (and others), also yesterday:

Free schools plan longer pupil days
And the subject matter, arranged months ago, for this evening is?

The Free Society and the Adam Smith Institute present

Is mediocrity for all preferable to excellence for some?

Tuesday June 21, 2011

Chaired by Claire Fox (Institute of Ideas), speakers include Tom Clougherty (Adam Smith Institute), David Davis MP, Matt Grist (senior researcher at the think tank Demos), Professor Terence Kealey (vice-chancellor, University of Buckingham) and Toby Young (associate editor of The Spectator, author of How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, and founder of the West London Free School). <--- This bit!
Young is already a target of the left for having the temerity to promote another way of 'doing' education which doesn't involve claustrophobic state control (wonder what they are so scared of?), and with the possible appearance of David Davis too, this instalment of the VoF series was always likely to be a bit of a draw.

Previous events have already been strictly standing room only. Tonight, that may turn out to be 'sitting-on-someone-else's-shoulders' room only.

I'll get there early, I reckon.


penny_dreadful said...

*snarls* am annoyed to be missing yet another one. You'd better be planning on doing a full write-up afterwards!

subrosa said...

Remember to report back for those of us who are hundreds of miles away Dick.