Saturday 25 June 2011

Beer And Ice Cream

Could be a late one tonight. With friends, we've had a smokey-drinky planned for a while but, under the prevailing weather conditions, it looks like we'll be taking it al fresco.

On gathering supplies from the local Co-op earlier, it would seem that customers at the pub on the corner are of the same mindset. There are a lot more of them than usually spied through the large curtainless windows, and all outside.

It's almost as if - like ice cream sales - the fortunes of the hospitality industry are now inextricably linked to the appearance of the sun.

How on Earth did that happen?

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Unknown said...

How on Earth did that happen?

Oh DP, it's a real conundrum so it is. I thought the very same thing when I sat outside my local this afternoon whilst (what a fight I had on my hands to get a bench that numbed my arse within a few minutes) sipping at an ice cool lager whilst I smoked my pipe. I smoke a pipe when outside a pup in good weather, rather than my usual rollups, to make as much smoke as possible to ward off the nasties that may congregate around me trying to make me run in defeat.

All in all it was a good session.