Thursday 3 November 2011

The Beauty Of Health

You may have noticed output to have been sparse here of late, I'm afraid this is down to a general build-up of real life interference. It's likely to be the same for another week, I reckon. Tomorrow is especially problematic since a school reunion dinner beckons, which I'm sincerely hoping won't cause the red mistometer to bubble if discussion turns to politics with friends I haven't seen for at least a couple of decades.

Still, I did come across this amusing comparison today which is currently doing the rounds on a US site. They're being treated (if that's the word) to a glimpse of UK health nutter and all-round moron Gillian McKeith, who featured on these pages last November.

(Click to enlarge)

It's a trifle inaccurate though. Lawson is, indeed, 51 ... McKeith was 52 in September. Well, that explains everything, doesn't it?



Anonymous said...

The word "PHWOARRRRR!" comes to mind.
But Dick, I've got to say, I don't fancy yours much!

Bald headed John.

Anonymous said...

It's probably because Nigella is actually enjoying life, whilst the shrivelled up shrewd in the other picture is busy finger wagging, bansturbating and generally being a miserable prodnosed busybody.

Ps, I would definitely play a game of carnival with Nigella:-)

Anonymous said...

Anyone know how old Deborah Arnott is ?,r:1,s:0&biw=1600&bih=787

nisakiman said...

Well, um, yes. It's a no-brainer really, isn't it. I mean, what red-blooded male wouldn't want to play a couple of rounds with the splendidly voluptuous Nigella?

Mind you, as BHJohn says, I don't fancy yours much, DP...

Dick Puddlecote said...

TMWMC: I would say your explanation of haggard McKeith is scientifically sound. ;)

Err, why are people assuming McKeith is 'mine'?!? What signals have I been sending? :-o

Anonymous said...

The pathetic Gillian is one
of those femme drones who went through the menopause at the same time as reaching pubity
Had she been born in earlier centuries she would have been burned at the stake.
I cannot imagine what kind of male
would dream(or nightmare)of
dropping his Y Fronts for that
gruesome soya nibbling hoggette.
Only problem is ,the media is crawling with these (look at me)
insectesses.BBC and Westminster
have Scouts searching high and low
for the Harpies.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Anon: Mind if I use "insectesses" at some point in the future? Quality. ;)

Anonymous said...

"gruesome soya nibbling hoggette" from Anon..... Bwahahahahahahaha, that is fucking awesome!

Anonymous said...

She's looking good for 52, considering all the times she has ruptured her sphincter with pipes of Grande Latte...

Frank said...

They tried the 'stink' bit in the early 70's. Cartoon in a paper (Express I think) of a rough old dog and a glamorous blonde sat at a pub table, the blonde smoking, the rough old dog not smoking. Two blokes stood at the bar, one saying "I'll have the one with the breath like an old tray".

Sums up the general view, then. Imagine the press printing that today? Sheesh!

Michael J. McFadden said...

LOL though a wee bit nasty Dick! :> I've actually gotten the general impression in life that unless people go to extremes in mistreating their bodies that most of their age-look is probably genetic.

Re your reunion: Pick out three or four of your columns where you really hit the mark on topics that you think might come up in "friendly" discussions. When facing a prospective critic, hand him/her the appropriate one to read with a "Hey, I actually wrote a short thing about that recently... gee, I think I've got it right here!" and then watch them fall apart while reading it.


Michael J. McFadden said...

P.S. Of course colon cleansing combined with not smoking might be considered "extreme mistreatment" of one's body...

Sam Duncan said...

Fair enough, Michael, but I took the implication not to be that what McKeith does to herself has caused her to look 20 years older than Nigella (phwoaaar, etc.) or that what Nigella (etc.) eats has kept her looking young, so much as it doesn't matter what you eat. At least, not as much as the healthists would have you believe. As you say: genetics.

Xen said...

I see that Corporate America has started on the fatties (as well, obviously, as continuing with the smokers).

Your life are belong to us

Xen said...

Hmm, click through on the 'continue to Reuters' link at the top of the advert for the article.

Stupid Reuters.

Anonymous said...

Given the choice of mounting
Gillian or Nefetiti's mummy from
the rear .the Egyptians remains
would win hands down.

Rameses Rollup

Twenty_Rothmans said...

Life with Dr Gillian McKeith - flip a coin - tails we shag, heads I w**k. Oh bugger, can we make it best out of three?

Life with Nigella - I would need 10,000 calories a day to have the energy for what I wanted to do.

You can trust Dr Gillian McKeith - she's a DOCTOR!

Lyn said...

Twenty_Rothmans - The fact that she is a Doctor is exactly why I wouldn't trust her!

The medical profession have, over the years, backed too many bansturbator, self righteous groups and signed up to too much junk science to warrant our trust!