Tuesday 29 November 2011

REAL Smoking Kids

Sadly, not being paid for this stuff (contrary to anti-tobacco opinion), real life (that is, really being paid) is obstructing things here somewhat.

However, thanks to incredibly gifted fellow jewel robber, David G, here is a follow up from yesterday's 'smoking kids' post. You might remember his genius from June 2010.

See, 21st century kids dressed up as 1920s adults by some artsy snapper isn't as interesting as real 1920s smoking pics. Here are two masterfully restored photographs from his collection. Descriptions are David G's.

"The first is of two young girls posing for the camera, playing dress-up, holding cigs."
"The second is technically a midget, but a Midget for Coolidge, during his presidential campaign in DC."
Well, I thought they were damned intriguing, anyway.


Xopher said...

How low can they go?

Anonymous said...

I think back then maybe kids were permitted the luxury of dressing up and playing at being adults and so imitating smoking, drinking, talking with a posh accent with pinkie finger extended over tea, that all probably seemed quite normal, natural and not taboo as it would be in today's politically correct culture, where it's been indoctrinated since youth to do as the state says so and do not grow up to think on your own. Back then, more than likely, kids grew up without the state working to make them non-thinking subservients to do as the state tells them to do, but rather to explore on ones own, through imitation and play acting, then grow up proper, as an adult who can make decisions on their own. So in that light, I don't see anything horrible about those photos, not in light of them coming from a more simple time when it would have been innocent fun. I don't see any of them actually blowing smoke anyhow, I just see play acting.

Anonymous said...

The only thing missing in the first pic is the long cigarette holder.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 00.46

And playing cowboys and indians (racist!). And making tents with chairs and coats. And searching for your Xmas presents. And taking a surreptitious sip of whiskey. And looking up the meaning of the word 'prostitute' in the dictionary. And.......etc, etc.

Anonymous said...

I think you will find that they are posing with sweets.

[Re: Use of AVALON Brand Name for Candy Cigarettes] 1939

"Letter from Vice-President of Consolidated Lithographing Corporation to W. R. Hendrichs requesting permission to use Avalon cigarettes' brand name and label for candy cigarettes. Cites prior permission for use of Wings, Raliegh and Kool brands. Includes sample labels and package recommendations"

"If you will recall, you granted us this permission on your WINGS, RALEIGH and KOOL cigarette brands, the labels of which we made as per samples enclosed."

Perfectly respectable, just like toy cars are now, the candy cigarettes were to sell sweets not cigarettes.


Anonymous said...

Fast forward to 2000

Shock! Horror!

Study reveals tobacco worked with makers of candy cigarettes
August 12, 2000

"LONDON -- Internal tobacco industry documents recently made public confirm that tobacco companies cooperated with the makers of candy cigarettes in designing snacks that promoted smoking to children, according to new research".

"The study of the documents by researchers at the University of Rochester School of Medicine in New York found that some tobacco companies tolerated trademark infringement and granted confectioners permission to sell candy that used cigarette pack designs"

"Industry documents made public in 1998 as part of a lawsuit settlement with the state of Minnesota form the basis of three reports published this week in the British Medical Journal.

"Experts say the studies confirm common knowledge and long-held suspicions among some organizations working to curtail smoking."

It's the way they tell them...


James said...

So who accused you of being paid by the tobacco industry? I'd take that as flattery ;)

Anonymous said...

Fast forward to 2100

Shock! Horror!

Study reveals the anti-smoking conspirators worked with makers of nicorettes and anti-depressants
August 12, 2100

"LONDON -- Internal anti-smoking industry documents recently made public confirm that anti-smoking terrorists cooperated with the makers of nicorettes and anti-depressants in designing everything to promote nicorette sucking and anti-depressant pill popping to children, according to new research".

The article goes on to say that at no time during the extreme indoor/outdoor smoking bans of the 2000's was anyone in the public, except for a small intelligent few, even aware that anti-smoking was a huge industry funded entirely by global pharmaceutical firms and one-world-fascist-government promoters from inside the UN and WHO in particular.

Second Hand Smoke fear has also been proven the biggest fraud of that century, alongside its notorious partner, the Man-Made Global Warming fraud.

A Rose By Any Other Name
You are STILL very sweetly - a Rose, dear.

Anonymous said...

In New York back in the 1960s it was not at all uncommon for parents at the local Knights of Columbus club to allow their children to sip the foam off their beer, take a sip of a "Tom Collins" and/or eat the cherry that came floating in it, or even once in a while light a cigarette for the parent.

Different times indeed!


Anonymous said...

To MJM (Michael J McFadden??) -- Yes, agreed -- all good Catholic parents let their children have a sip of drink when young. I had the same experience as you describe (though not at the Knights of Columbus). :)