Wednesday 9 November 2011

Mascot Watch (15) - Plain Speaking Edition

See? Parliament can be fun, as our esteemed mascot proved on Monday.

Commenting in a short debate involving New Boy Nick [...] and Nanny Brokenshire on alcohol issues, our boy Phil was more direct than is often seen from the green benches.

May I urge the Minister to concentrate on tough penalties for people who get involved in alcohol-induced antisocial behaviour instead of introducing this rather soppy, wishy-washy, nanny-state nonsense of minimum pricing of alcohol?
Sadly, Westminster runs on a diet of soppy and wishy-washy, washed down with a large measure of Victorian vintage nanny-state nonsense these days. Nice to see Phil gallantly taking them to task, though.

Talking of diets, Bercow's closing remark hinting that Nick Soames wanted to talk about the food industry boggles the mind ... I do hope it was to ask for more all-you-can-eat buffets, rather than something proscriptive. If not, I'll start truly believing we have slipped into an alternate universe.


Neal Asher said...

Sorry, I think I just slid into a parallel universe. Was that a politician talking sense?

Dick Puddlecote said...

Yes, Neal. He does it quite a lot, yet the response from fellow MPs is mostly amusement, as in the debate I linked to. Incredible that someone who lives in the real world with the rest of us is so derided and marginalised by politicians who are always bemoaning the fact that the public don't identify with them anymore.

I mean, how did that happen, eh?

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Relax, minimum pricing is against EU law, as Alex Salmond is about to find out.