Saturday 5 November 2011

Link Tank 05/11

'Ere y'are.

Woman arrested for 'trespassing' in a public park, and not carrying ID

Fat tax: Does obesity really cost society a fortune?

End parking lot socialism

Why you should be drinking cheap wine

David Goerlitz, former Winston Man, attacks the bullshit in tobacco, anti-smoking AND e-cig industries

White House rejects pleas to legalise marijuana

Iranian footballers face public lashing for goal celebration

Judge rules music piracy may boost sales

Many US states require vendors to declare if their house is haunted

Sabre-toothed squirrels

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Anonymous said...

That's interesting about the Spanish ruling on “piracy”. I wonder if the judge saw the recent story (which I've been meaning to blog about over at CCIZ) in which a small game developer put up one of its own games on The Pirate Bay and saw a massive increase in sales.

As a lot of commentators said at the time, this effect probably works better for smaller players than the major ones, but the judge's point was that it's almost impossible to determine the damage - or otherwise - caused by “piracy” in an individual case, not that it's always the opposite of what the big boys claim.