Friday 16 March 2012

Get The Rubber Gloves Out, Michelle And Sam Cam

The vegan cranks are at it again.
A huge billboard off the Eisenhower Expressway is warning Chicagoans that eating hot dogs can damage their health.

"Hod Dogs Cause Butt Cancer," the billboard reads in big bold red letters. It also features an obese cartoon character of a man holding a hot dog in one hand, wearing a hospital gown and peering back at his rear which is peaking out from the gown.

The ad greets drivers on the Eisenhower Expressway as they drive west, between the Kostner and Cicero exits. It is sponsored by the nonprofit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.
Yes, it's the PETA sympathisers - for whom meat doesn't feature in the main food groups anymore - pretending to dish out altruistic and dispassionate advice. They are known for irresponsible scaremongery like this.

But, hey! What if they're right?

Good Lord! When talking out of one's arse is a professional requirement, those two really should get checked out pronto.

H/T US jewel thief, David G


RichardAllan said...

I eat shedloads of hotdogs and had to have my colon and rectum removed for Crohn's Disease. Theory confirmed.

Bricktop said...

What do you shit out of, your earhole?

Ian R Thorpe said...

I suppose the lesson is if you're going to use your hot dog sausage for anal stimulation don't douse it in extra hot mustard.

Lou said...

Nope, one of these

Main point is "shedloads".

Thank you for sharing that RA. Crohn's Disease is a very nasty bastard and you have my understanding. And respect.