Monday 12 March 2012

Not Going Well, Is It?

In another example of that whole government lobbying government thing, Snowdon last month highlighted a peculiar website which had popped up to lobby for minimum pricing of alcohol.

Turns out it is financed by NHS Blackpool as part of their contribution to the Drink Wise North West campaign. It all looks rather slick, with videos, dynamic web pages and the like. They're really putting our money where their mouth is, it would appear.

Not that they're convincing anyone, mind, if their polls are anything to go by.

It really is about time someone - at a very high level - asked why we are paying for this nonsense.


Lysistrata Eleftheria said...

Just done the poll.
Results now are:

Is alcohol too cheap? - No 75% (52 votes); Yes 25% (16 votes).
Would you like to drink less? - No 78% (54 votes); Yes 22% (15 votes)

Just saying.

Sam Duncan said...

You only posted some of the fun. “Would you like to drink less?” 79% “No”; “Are you concerned about the impact of alcohol advertising on young people?” 60% “No”... almost every question is going overwhelmingly the “wrong” way for them.

Far be it from me to suggest that my fellow commenters go over there and help keep it that way.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Yes, I noticed they are all pointing to the campaign keeping their noses out, but on the specific question of alcohol being too cheap - which is the whole point of the minimum alcohol pricing question - it would seem it is distinctly a minority view. So they should drop the idea (eh, Cameron?). 

Commenters will do as commenters will do. Not that it requires much, casual, surfers stumbling on the site (and people who are avid supporters of sites like it) are already giving it the finger without our help. ;)

Jay said...

Dick, did you see the popup upon first visiting the site that said:  "By the time a child is 12 in the UK, he or she will have been exposed
to thousands of ads and images marketing alcohol."

Wait a moment. That seems familiar.  But you know, I just can't seem ... to... er... place where I've heard it before.  It's coming to me... no, lost it.  Sorry.  Oh!  I know!  So, um, how long before they're clamouring for plain packaging for alcohol?

Slopes be slippery, they be. 

Curmudgeon said...

You do wonder where they think the population is going to come from who are going to give the "right" answers to these questions. Unless they "suggest" it to classes of schoolkids.

And why can't I answer:

Q: Do you normally buy alcohol with your shopping?
A: No, but I sometimes buy food with my alcohol.

Q: Would you like to drink less?
A: No, I would like to drink more, but I can't afford it because you and your mates have jacked the duty up so high.

Q: Do you know how many units you drink every week?A: DILLIGAF?

Jay said...

Nice. :)  And to answer your last question: No, I do not think you do.  Although, I much prefer the longer form of that acronym:  DILLIGAFF.  The first F is for "Flying."  Sort of adds a nice visual flavour to it.  Feel free to disregard or use.

Nick Lowe said...

Oooh Errr.

They've sent me an Email.

Dear Filthy,

Thank you for joining our movement for a healthier, safer North West,
free from alcohol harm. Why not pledge your support for a tougher range
of measures to protect our children and young people from the damage
caused by alcohol at

You can also help our movement grow by sending this email on to your
friends, family and colleagues and asking them to join us at

You can log into the site using the details below:

Username: The Filthy Engineer

Password: RUWwHCiI

Kind Regards,

Hazel Parsons

Jaycas said...

Couldn't help but notice the poster plastered on the back of the bus in front of me this morning which said that last weekend 9/10 young people did not get drunk, from a survey of years 7-11 [teenagers?].  It seemed to be sponsored by the local authority - have they woken up to the jiggery-pokery or is it victimhood poker with teens trumping drinkers?

Dick_Puddlecote said...

The latter. 

Jay said...

 "[...]tougher range of measures to protect our children ..."

Of course it's about children.  Since children can't buy alcohol, it's even more funny.

You know, I just gotta say:  If you're a parent, the government thinks you're a shitty parent.  You are, as a parent, incapable of raising a child.  "Parents, you suck," said government.

What do you parents out there think?

Dick_Puddlecote said...

"Dear Filthy" *snork*

Funny enough, I sent Hazel a FOI request earlier, but carelessly left the blog URL sig underneath so she'll probably pop in at some point. I don't rate my FOI chances much after that. ;)

Dick_Puddlecote said...

"You are, as a parent, incapable of raising a child"
In Australia, all adults believe they are incapable of raising themselves 

Jay said...

By law, she has to respond to FOI requests.  If she doesn't, it's going to be a NannyGate situation for certain!

Dick_Puddlecote said...

I've had them refused before on the basis that I might publish them. I haven't challenged before but will do if it happens again. ;)

Jay said...

How can that be a legitimate basis for refusal? Newspapers do it all the time. It's the whole point of an FOI. I'm not arguing with you; just in disbelief.

Segueing here, but did you see this on red meat responsible for 1 in 10 premature deaths (no such thing, of course):

Which ultimately says: "Scientists added that people who eat a diet high in red meat were also likely
to be generally unhealthier because they were more likely to smoke, be
overweight and not exercise."

George Speller said...

Vote early, vote often!

Legiron said...

 In Soviet Russia, Cheeeldren raise you!  :)