Saturday 24 March 2012

Link Tank 24/03

Hmmm, Marmite. Now that's an idea.

Today's politician lives in fear and lacks conviction

Minimum alcohol pricing: illogical, illiberal, unfair

In defence of Special Brew

Porn star (yes, there's a pic) accepts prom date over Twitter, but is banned by the school

Libraries are too dangerous for children

Exposure to germs protects children from developing allergies and asthma

Fairy tale from the World Health Organisation

Feeding the homeless banned in major cities all over America

New Zealand is suffering a Marmite shortage

Study finds smoking restores self-control by improving positive mood

Smelly food makes you eat less

Deluded mice


Jay said...

I keep seeing the word "illiberal" used to describe plain packs and minimum pricing. I don't know, but does the general public even understand that word?  If they do, then do they care?

In other news, Australia is voting out their current illiberal, evil fucking government.  Let's hope this is end of that hideous slag Roxon, now serving as the AG.  If there was any real justice, they'd arrest her from crimes against the Aussie population.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Didn't they get humiliatingly tanked in QL! I did enjoy reading that.

Aussies still have just under two years of being ruled by idiocy before the fed elections, though. I pity them.

Alec Bell said...

I'm sorry, I'd like to appear as a politically active and savvy individual, but was I the only one kicking himself for not thinking of contacting an 'attractive adult entertainer' to accompany me to a prom? (OK so we didn't have proms in my day, but the end of school disco would have worked just as well wouldn't it?)

Why is it that as I get older the more things I realise I know how to do better now but am now to old to do at all :-(

Like they say 'youth is wasted on the young'!

Dick_Puddlecote said...

True, Alec. It was a superb idea, no doubt. He now has a porn star of his own age as a friend, she has got herself a whole load of publicity, and he is now awesome amongst his friends with the added bonus of something to tell his grandkids about (when they're of age of course). ;)

Lyn Ladds said...

Interesting reading.  Just had to leave a comment on the Fairy Tale from the World Health Organisation, is not in the least politically correct, but it gave me some satisfaction!  Also, on the Minimum Alcohol Pricing; illogical, illiberal, unfair.