Saturday 3 March 2012

A 'Reformed' Anti-Smoker Speaks

Following on from the fourth article down in today's link tank, the author, Charles Adler, recently held a Canadian TV interview slot with Dr Michael Siegel who was mischievously captioned as a "reformed anti-smoking activist".

I tried to find a way of embedding the clip, but for some reason it's not available like most others, so for a bit of Saturday evening entertainment do go watch it at this link as Siegel describes how tobacco controllers have moved into "the area of fanaticism" on outdoor smoking bans, and compares his colleagues to animal rights extremists.

Adler also has more to say on the subject here.

1 comment:

Mark Wadsworth said...

Great clip, I like the bit at the end where the interviewer says "So, the takeaway here is..." instead of "So, the most important point to remember from all this is...". 

I'm going to start saying that as well to wind people up.