Thursday 8 March 2012

Swivel-Eyed Loon Speaks Of Basket Cases And Corruption

Twitter can sometimes be a rich source of irrational hatred, but it's a special kind of psychopath who can sweepingly insult a host of entire populations in 140 characters.

He was referring to this article detailing how many countries are uncomfortable with Australia's absurd plain packaging legislation.
Australia may face a complaint at the World Trade Organization over its decision to ban trademarks and logos on tobacco products, according to two people with direct knowledge of the matter.

The complaint, which says the plain-packaging law violates global intellectual-property rules, will probably be lodged with the Geneva-based trade arbiter this month, as soon as this week, said one person. At least three governments including Ukraine will be involved, said the other person. They declined to be identified because the complaint isn’t public.

Countries including Chile, Colombia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Indonesia, Jordan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Turkey, Zambia and Zimbabwe also say the Australian ban breaks trade rules. They have challenged Australia’s scientific evidence and said the law will unnecessarily restrict commerce because the country’s public- health goal can be met by other means.
Yes. Simon Chapman, a sociologist who has posed as health expert for the past 30 years, now seems to have re-invented himself as an indisputable guru on intellectual property rights, legal intricacies, and multi-national business affairs. Well, that would be the case if he had bothered to tackle the objection rather than just 'play the man' not the ball, and throw puerile population level ad homs around.

It's funny he should class Honduras as a bunch of fruitcakes, because many might agree after reading that they made it illegal to smoke in one's own home last year, but Chapman was probably firmly behind that idea. They've committed the ultimate sin to an anti-smoker now, though - that of actually looking at evidence objectively.

Therefore they are now to be classed as a "basket case & corrupt" nation. Nice.

Similarly, Turkey have rolled out comprehensive smoking bans, large graphic warnings, and hidden packet display laws in the past few years, but they've crossed Chapman on this one lame issue so are instantly bonkers in his omnipotent eyes. I'm sure they'll be overwhelmed by the support.

I wouldn't fancy his chances much if the more, ahem, organised gang type of Turks took exception to the slight on their nation, either. Although, having said that, they might let it slide considering - as anyone who has visited Turkey can testify - they have a thriving counterfeit industry who will be thrilled at the opportunities plain packaging will afford them in reduced costs.

As for Colombia, they're growers of tobacco so probably have a vested interest, but one wonders what alternative crops Chapman would prefer Colombian farmers grow. Hmmm.

Sadly - and I mean 'sad' in the derogatory, not emotional, sense - Chapman seems to have fallen into the millennia old trap of opening one's gob to condemn other nations, without looking at his own dustbowl on the arse end of the globe.

For there is no bigger 'basket case' nation at the present time than Australia.

Quite apart from the plain packaging farce, They have banned climbing on Ayers Rock, Chinese products, free bets on betting sites, Second Life, Wikileaks at pain of an $11,000 fine, Gay web-sites, anti-abortion web-sites, and BMW adverts.

Then there's the A$8,000 penalty for possession of e-cig liquid, mandatory cycle helmet laws which have had no impact whatsoever, the terrorising of their own kids, a war on pokie machines, along with banning more video games than China, bans on bottled water, duty free tobacco, just about all adult online content and, oh yeah, small tits.

If I were Chapman, I'd be starting to get worried about that plank in his eye.


Simon Cooke said...

All that and eugenics too! Great place Australia!

Lou said...

I found the average Australian I met in the countryside to be unbelievably helpful (once they knew I was there as a real tourist and not a potential immigrant).

Those in the towns were a slightly different but in no way vindictive or scared.

How things came to this I cannot fathom, however Gillard betrayed her party leader and now wants to shaft the people who won't give her a real mandate. Smacks of Brown and his burnt earth policy.

Scotland's best export - yup, way better half a world away. 

George Speller said...

Jeesh! now I gotto check all these Oz links you've put up.

Chuckles said...

Sounds like the Australia we know and love.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Best first comment ever. :)

Jay said...

Agreed on Australia's lunacy.  Beautiful country, governed by fuckwits.  Then again, this old article ( gives me very little hope for Australia's citizenry.  Scroll down to the poll at the very bottom of that page, and you'll see the poll.

As for Chapman, I recently posted a comment about him on Simon Clark's blog, but it didn't pass moderation, or perhaps it didn't get submitted properly.  It wasn't a nice a comment, so fair enough.  I suppose Simon Chapman believes he will live forever, just like every other non-smoker.  I really wish Chapman and ASH would tell us what we should die of, and when (what age) we are supposed to die.  Why does no one ever ask them that?

Thomas said...

"Yes. Simon Chapman, a sociologist who has posed as health expert for the past 30 years ..."

"sociologist" or "sociopath"?

DaveAtherton20 said...

More here if you want. It would be nice to see Chapman causing a trade war and then get egg on his face. 

moonrakin said...

 I can imagine lots of things happening to Mister Chapman - none of them nice.

What terrifies me is that this toxic berk is on the public payroll and his poisonous drivel passes essentially completely unchallenged to inform the policy decisions of Aussie elected representatives - to the point where they give him prizes - which says more about the politicians than it does about him...

Anja M ERF vaper said...

hahahahaha good one! :)