Wednesday 1 August 2012

Britain Should Copy China, Say Indian Morons

What a shocker, eh?
Indian anti-smoking lobby hits out at London Olympic organizers

NEW DELHI: London has failed to do what Beijing carried out so successfully four years ago - make it smoke free.

Despite having the largest prevalence of tobacco use in the world, China had set an unprecedented standard by declaring the Beijing Olympics (2008) completely smoke free, including all outdoor venues.
How awful! Country which claims to value freedom and rights of the individual doesn't follow the lead of communist dictatorship which has a track record of human rights abuses and treats its citizens with suspicion, contempt and unconditional state control.

The tobacco control industry isn't picky about which regimes to claim as bedfellows, is it? Already swooning over racist and disgustingly brutal Bhutan's, err, compassionate smoking cessation efforts, China is now held up as an example of purity by the Indian chapter of hateful anti-tobacco freaks. They'd probably overlook the prison camps and summary executions too if North Korea were ever to bring in a smoking ban.
"It is shocking to know that despite England being declared smoke free in 2007 the LOCOG has allowed DSAs within the perimeter of ticketed competition venues and are also present in specified areas of the athletes village, exhibiting specific signage denoted as 'smoking areas'."
The more cynical amongst us would say that it's one of the few things that LOCOG have got right! It's certainly to their credit that they considered the comfort and convenience of law-abiding citizens and put plans in place well in advance, you sub-continental clowns.

Besides, what the fuck has it got to do with you anyway? If you're still smarting about that bird at the opening ceremony, this is not the way to express your frustration, you know.

Ganesha on a bike! If you're an example of Indian civility, the girl deserves a medal herself for pissing your country off.


Mark Wadsworth said...

That well known Islamo fascist dictatorship Saudi Arabia introduced a smoking ban last week. Well done them!

handymanphil said...

This is just typical of the worldwide anti tobacco mob ganging up on the poor old smokers. Britain have shown fairness in allowing smokers the right to smoke in open spaces. Of course India, who can't even maintain a power supply have suddenly found an opportunity to chuck their anti 'billies' turbans into the ring. Never mind eh, as soon as it pisses down again they'll be here begging for big fat £handouts again. For a nation that pays homage to a cow ('gomata') yet lets to the fucking thing perish at the roadside I think they got a lot more to worry about than people here at a sporting event!

JonathanBagley said...

It was left a bit uncertain as to whether smoking would be permitted anywhere in the Olympic Park. There was even a suggestion that cigarettes could be confiscated. I wasn't aware of these smoking areas. I guess it was a pragmatic decision to have smoking areas as a lot of people would otherwise be wandering off to deserted corners for a smoke. 

20Rothmans said...

 Pretty good for a country that's pretty much food free.

And just look at how many doctors from our colonies get into a bit of bother here.

Moreover, we tend not to drown our new-born daughters in wells, or do the odd honour killing.

And we don't beg money from other countries.

And these third world wankers have the temerity to lecture us.

Mr A said...

Still, it's rather pathetic that we have to be glad of DSAs.  

I mean, no-one expects to smoke inside the sports halls.  But to be thankful for a paving slab to smoke on outside?  It's outside!  It's legal!  And my tam money built the damn thing.  

As fa as I'm concerned they have no right to dictate smoking policy anywhere outside.

Mr A said...

"Damn" money  ;)

Jax said...

I just wish I’d known about these DSAs a bit earlier!  Being under the impression that the whole of all Olympic venues would be nicey-nicey squeaky-clean non-smoking sites, I didn’t bother even applying for any tickets (London is well within travelling distance for me).  If I’d known they were going to apply this little jot of common sense I’d have thrown my hat into the ring and tried to get a few tickets!

SadButMadLad said...

Pragmatic because many of the athletes smoke. Helps calm their nerves.

SadButMadLad said...

Just how big is the Indian anti-smoking lobby? Here in the UK they've managed to infiltrate the goverment and are a major force. I doubt they have the same level of power.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Good point. If they want tickets sold, perhaps advertising that 12 million smokers were actually welcome might have encouraged a greater take-up. All those empty seats, eh? I wonder how many Diane Abbott's pre-games spite ensured would remain unused?