Saturday 18 August 2012

Link Tank 18/08

Make time for the top three at least, can ya?

Nanny state meets Naomi Klein

Olympics, you looked better on the telly

Brilliant homage to "an excitable Geordie banshee in a blender"

Liberal (ha!) Democrats advocate a 20% sin tax on fizzy drinks

Pint of beer for the lady

The left have Star Trek and Dr Who, but Batman is right of centre

It doesn't matter if people are being poisoned elsewhere, the irrational hatred of McDonald's must continue

Brands expert declares plain packaging 'misguided'

eBay to ban things stupid people buy

Out of date confectionery fed cows

Velociraptor spiders - no, really!

1 comment:

Sam Duncan said...

The comments thread on that ABC piece by Brendan O'Neill is frightening.

Anyway, Klein's always struck me as one of the great comic figures of our time. The cover of her idiotic global bestseller is one of the most iconic logos of the age.

And that Mail article about Doctor Who trying to bring down Thatcher that Roberts links to is really interesting (so is his, but he fails to mention Firefly; I'll take the 15 episodes of that over all the Trek “franchises” in history). It finally explains why the show turned shite in the '80s.