Saturday 11 August 2012

Winning Olympians Just Keep Misbehaving!

Following recent articles here on the shocking behaviour of successful Olympians who have dared to enjoy frowned-upon products, many thanks to fellow jewel thieves who have since pointed out a few more examples.

Simon Cooke spotted these sporty Spaniards ignoring the nannies.
On Wednesday, [Joel] González won Spain’s first ever taekwondo gold medal, whilst [Brigitte] Yagüe took home a silver.

Once the competition was over and they had received their medals, the pair had to do some press calls and go through anti-doping tests. When they finally returned to the Olympic Village, it was 3am and they were exhausted. “We contemplated going out to celebrate, but decided against it as we still have a colleague competing,” said Joel. “All we wanted to do was go back and eat. We attacked McDonalds,” adds Yagüe.
Not to be outdone, Elsie Tanner (I suspect that's not a real name) dropped a link in the comments to Britain's boxing gold medallist, Nicola Adams, favouring chain joints and a few bevies over pomegranate juice and a bag of pine nuts.
"I'll probably go to Nando's to celebrate. A few drinks? Why not?"
Why not, indeed, it's kinda the motto around here and in direct contravention to the whining of shrivelled joy-haters.

Meanwhile Séan Billings thankfully brought the best of the lot - German Discus champ Robert Harting - to my attention.
Now THAT'S how to celebrate Olympic gold! 'Incredible Hulk' of discus tears off his shirt then runs 100m hurdles in incredible display of joy

- Harting then tried to take one of the Olympic flames before going on drinking session on German cruise liner

- After alcohol-fuelled session he fell asleep on a train and had his Olympic Village accreditation stolen
Almost deserves a gold medal in itself, doesn't it?

Wunderbar, Robert, wahrlich wunderbar!

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