Tuesday 12 November 2013

Energy Companies Are Today's New Tobacco And Must Be Silenced

I've often referenced the tobacco control template and how prohibitionists the world over are copying the tactics, but I don't think I've ever seen the ideological plagiarism being quoted as openly as this.
The FCTC's Article 5.3, and its accompanying guidelines, sets the precedent for limiting interactions between an industry that profits from harm and those tasked with minimising and ultimately stopping the harm it causes. 
Now is the time to make the case, and build a global campaign, for a climate agreement which protects climate change policy-making from the vested interests of corporations that benefit from the continued excessive use of fossil fuels.
For those not familiar with Article 5.3, it is the gagging clause which demands state bodies ignore opposition to tobacco control's policies, good or bad. They don't want any debate, less so one from anyone who actually knows their onions and is capable of highlighting their lies and spin (also see yesterday's post).

This is already being duplicated by the EU and WHO towards alcohol, but here we have a scary scenario whereby climate extremists could well be afforded exclusive access to idiot politicians over and above energy companies who are tasked with infrastructure to prevent the lights from going out, and oil companies who ensure transport serves our everyday needs.

Of course, even though the document proudly boasts throughout of imitating tobacco control tactics to the letter, this is not a slippery slope because tobacco is not like any other product.

Those fine upstanding tobacco control guys - who have never been known to tell a lie - said so. 


Lionheart Fan said...

Slightly off topic,but worth a mention
The BMA are pushing for a TOTAL BAN on E-Cigs in public places
according to "groan" the BBC web health site
Deaths attributed to cigarettes is now revised to 100,000 per annum the BBC
has learned from their "in house" advisors ??????ASH????????
As for the whinging groaning moaning griping wassocks who whine about Energy prices,the same dipsticks will splash out £60-80 watching some prancing clowns at clubs like Arsena or Chelseal with some of the jokers on the pitch earning far more than any Energy CEO.
Slum Dweller

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Have you a link for the 100,000 deaths article, I saw the BMA advocating everyone carry on smoking but not the other one.

And, yes, I spend about the same on Virgin per month as to SSC (who I switched to 3 months ago saving £195 pa). With my business hat on, though, energy bills barely reach my radar under the huge shadow of £12k tax and NI and £30k VAT 'bills' every month. Government do have a bloody nerve accusing others of impoverishing the nation, don't they?

moonrakin said...

22 millionaires ruining a lawn ?

Anto said...

As John Brignell is wont to say, we truly do live in the Age of Unreason.

Adam Haseman said...

"Have you a link for the 100,000 deaths article, I saw the BMA advocating everyone carry on smoking but not the other one." try here.

truckerlyn said...

Isn't it about time the human race stood up to these 'Climate Change' numpties?

This planet has been undergoing climate change throughout it's existence - one presumes in order to continue it's existence as in regeneration! This has been proven by scientists who have delved into the depths of the earth and ice packs to determine what was happening on the planet thousands and millions of years ago. Also, recently, backed up by the fact that it is believed, through examination of Woolly Mammoth remains that it was CLIMATE CHANGE that killed the species off!

Therefore, it is not some new phenomena produced by man, but what the planet does and needs naturally. Too try and stop it or interfere with it is what is MOST likely to cause it's destruction!

Much as I hate and detest the totally unnecessary smoking ban and any attack on smokers, this goes way, way beyond anything else and truly is possible it will cause the death of the PLANET!

Barry Homan said...

No Anto, we have always had cunning little rats looking for an opportunity to score a con, create a small or large-scale enterprise by duping leaders or the public at large. This dates all the way back to the ancient civilisations, even further back to the primitive, corrupted medicine-man, or the tribal-leader toady, rotten types who used their position to grab up more influence and power. They first had to craft a small wedge, then drive it in a far as it would go.

The practice continues on until today.

Nick Drew said...

Very good spot indeed.

But more direct political attacks on energy companies may come to a sticky end a lot sooner than that

The Blocked Dwarf said...

Off Topic but just got sent this by change.org, no there is no hope for humanity left:


“” Ferrero : STOP making SEXIST kinder eggs!

By Jessica Holland


Sign the Petition

For some utterly bizarre reason, the marketing people behind the
beloved children’s treat “Kinder Egg” have decided to take us back to
1955 with their new gender stereotyped campaign.

Apparently, children must choose between the pink fashion dolls choice or the blue sprinty ranges.

As a child, I adored the Kinder “Surprise” range, the whole joy being
the surprise of the toy inside. Now that element seems to have been
denied to our young generation, and they will only get a suitably gender
stereotyped toy.

In terms of reinforcing outdated and indeed dangerous stereotypes in
young children, this is an appalling step backwards! We really need to
get this range off our shelves as soon as possible, and allow children
the joy of a being able to play with one of the few truly gender neutral
toys out there.

There is no doubt this is shocking sexism, and both dangerous and stifling to children’s development.

We need to promote equality in the next generation, not put young
people into boxes which define their future opportunities and potential.

Please Kinder, stop this outrageous campaign at once and give children back their surprise. ”


Hades Branch said...

The "100,000" deaths item is still on
BBC News World (Webpage)
Top bar item list (Health)
BLUE highlighted link passing to PDF format of JUNE2013
statement from Yes you guessed correctly ....ASH......
Oh by the way ( this old buzzard prefers long hand)
I have had to re guesstimate the cost of anti tobacco since 2006 with the new estimate of tax loss due to the increased
use of low tax E Cigarettes
Total Loss to exchequer February 2006 to October 2013
<<<<<<<<< £66,000,000,000 ( EUROS 77 BILLION)
--------------£GBP Sixty six billion pounds-------+/- 12%
There may be readers who doubt these figures ,their alternative suggestions ,higher or lower, would be most welcome.
Silence from the Puritans is obviously anticipated
Total silence from the "Twittering battallions" is assumed.
The Ferryman (Hades Crossing)

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Outrageous, appalling, shocking and dangerous? I think she needs to get a life.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Ta. Same to Lionheart, Hades, RSRD, or whatever my north-western pal chooses to call himself from day to day. ;)

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Not bad maths for a guardian of the underworld. ;)

The Blocked Dwarf said...

It is a well known FACT -proven by countless studies (ie we phoned all our mates) that there is no safe level of second hand gender stereotyping.