Thursday 14 November 2013

Pleasure Without Pain

First, a picture to terrify prohibitionists everywhere.

This image of people stubbornly not listening to nagging is taken from today's Telegraph podcast featuring Peter Oborne and Nigel Farage. Well, it made me smile anyways.

The scene came about because they were discussing David Nutt's "alcohol without the hangover" and e-cigs, which inevitably touches briefly on the smoking ban in pubs.

Do go have a listen here from 17:50 in, or from 23:20 if you're just interested in Farage rightly slamming pharma lobbyists.

And when you've done so, I expect many might like to follow host Tim Stanley's Twitter feed after hearing his tongue-in-cheek plan for a ban amendment.


Carpe Zytha said...

That's a Becks's Blue, alcohol free lager. So on telly Farage is all pint of bitter, on radio it's the alcohol free lager?

MattyJ said...

Looks to me like that's Peter's drink.

truckerlyn said...

Well said Nigel, but I am with Peter on smoking pubs and a separate room for the non smokers! Although smoking and non smoking pubs would be the best in my view.

I also agree with the guy who said that e-cigs were ok, but not the same as the real thing where there is a beginning and an end. I do use e-cigs on occasion, but still much prefer the real McCoy and always will.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

You've either got incredibly acute eyesight or a 78" PC monitor, how'd you see that? :-0