Friday 15 November 2013

Smokefree South West Is "An Expensive Habit To Have"

The latest attempt by anti-smoker obsessives to arrogantly insert themselves into every occasion in your life comes from Fiona Andrews of Smokefree South West.

In the summer she was telling all who would listen that she should be part of your August Bank Holiday planning, and now she is rudely gate-crashing family Christmas celebrations too.
Fiona Andrews, director of Smokefree South West, said: “Everyone looks forward to spending quality time with friends and family over Christmas, but it doesn't come cheap. 
"People are still feeling the effects of the recession but their children will expect top presents and a roast with all the trimmings so something has got to give. 
“Smoking is certainly an expensive habit to have, and stopping smoking in the months leading up to Christmas could make all the difference to the family budget. 
Ms Andrews added: “Christmas is a time when families spend quality time together, but this increases the chance that children may be exposed to passive smoking, so our message is if you do smoke, to take it outside to protect your family."
This, by the way, is Fiona Andrews whose role as director of Smokefree South West is entirely funded by your taxes. Fiona doesn't need to worry too much about financing her own "top presents and a roast with all the trimmings" because it is all paid for by you, along with everything else she enjoys at your expense.

So, in light of the fact that families spend more on taxes than they do on housing, energy and food combined, it would also make a big "difference to the family budget" if lots of people like Fiona Andrews were sacked, would it not?

Since she cares so much about family finances, I take it she will therefore 'think of the children' whose parents are strapped for cash at the moment and petition the NHS strategic health authority to close down her collection of tax-spongers forthwith.

While "people are still feeling the effects of the recession", a selfless gesture like that would make for a great Christmas present, Fiona, while simultaneously enabling everyone to enjoy the festive period without having to listen to your state-funded shroud-waving and fake concern for our finances. Just sayin'.

H/T Moonrakin


truckerlyn said...

What a numpty! Christmas with family is often extremely stressful and to harangue people to give up just before Christmas is exactly what the kids don't need! They would be far more at risk of their Christmas being ruined and possibly even their family if smokers are made to feel that guilty that they do try to quit before Christmas is over!

Then again, those that do quit successfully or even just for the Christmas period will put on huge amounts of weight and then become the target of the Anti Fat Brigade!

Pariah's like Fiona Andrews, who steal from those far less well off, should just go crawl under a stone, where they belong, and leave the rest of us to get on with our lives the way that is best for us and, therefore, our families.

SteveW said...

Top suggestion, but about as likely to happen as a politician actively representing the views of their constituents.

moonrakin said...

That these gits help themselves to (a heap of) front line NHS funds is really and truly a travesty. That they are smug, patronising and dishonest simply rubs salt in. If people were actually given a choice between funding an air ambulance and these morons.... - but then - they don't have the choice and have to stump up for donations to support the helicopter... while these parasites swan around as far from smelly awkward patients as possible.

Just appalling.

- as is the collusion of The Bolton News ) concerning e-cigs on the Quitmas page with a "12 people read this story" tag on it -that story has 47 comments and nearly 1000 recommends on the comments....

Manx Gent said...

I've never smoked in my life, but steam comes out my ears when I realise that, like most parents, I'll struggle again to give my family a decent Xmas while involuntarily subsidising the likes of this sponger!

Bucko TheMoose said...

What no comments under the article?

Maybe she should suggest people buy each other fags from abroad as Christmas presents. That would save a few bob.

moonrakin said...

re: article comments - I'd love to see the Newsquest UK policy for open commenting. Too many people, mostly in public employment get a free pass in Newsquest titles.

ScottWichall said...

Newsquest never allow open commenting on these sort of articles. Mainly because they know full well they are spouting propaganda.
There was quite an amusing thread on the Swindon Advertiser the other day, where they spouted a load of bollocks about the "Whole of the Town" being behind the firefighters strike. They got rightly trashed in the comments.

ScottWichall said...

Oh, and I have written to the editor as well

Rickie said...

Dick, why don't you reveal your open minded pro smoking rules that your firm and drivers enjoy? everyone how tolerant you are in the real world with proof?

Go on Dick show your bloggers you have nothing to hide, instead of your normal practice of deleting awkward questions.

It's a shame you decide to post hatred at helping children avoid smoke fumes at xmas.

The practice of eye stinging, clothers stinking, gasping for breath fog fill rooms has almost been eradicated except at xmas gatherings...pity you can't celebrate that instead of being in denial about SHS.

Those fog filled rooms are what SHS phobia is all of course know that as everybody else in the world does too.

Why the fuck do bloggers miss the obvious.....denial and lies caused by a selfish addiction trumps honesty.


NeerDoWell said...

The sad pathetic witch obviously has a deep rooted
psychotic condition derived from teenage regression
through inability to maintain normal relationships.
Quakers,Shakers,Puritans,Calvinists and Nazis have
developed the same paranoic dislike of their fellow
humans ,escalating into outright hatred.
Take away the funding and she will be just another
withering ,wearisome groaner fluttering around cursing dog walkers and kids playing football.
Worse still,with all the cut backs and continuing austerity these bloodsucking parasitical freeloaders
get a free rein on the media.

moonrakin said...

Well done - love to hear what comes back = drop DP a line when you get a reply. My instinct, supported by the evidence is that the idea of the editorial guidelines is to keep people away from contentious issues and stifle discussion.

Junican said...

Perhaps readers should know that the Bolton News article is from August. But it is worth reading because it shows how much even the more lowly zealots have themselves been conned into the belief that using ecigs is 'smoking'.

moonrakin said...

The "power" of PR / propaganda made flesh..That unchallenged drip, drip, drip - focusing on the smokers, immigrants, "ists" and "isms". served up with easily digested received wisdom ...

Cultivating credulous acolytes and their own self importance seems to be a large part of the game.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Top tip! :)

Tis so... said...

The Rise of Tax-Dependant Parasites

A Tax-Dependent Parasite is an organism that derives its means for living from a host(s) (tax-payer). Government is typically the largest and most voracious parasite. Through a litany of “departments” and “experts”, it can manufacture a plethora of “reasons” for separating the public from its hard-earned money.

Below (Fiona Andrews) is an example of the secondary parasite - the Tobacum Controlis parasite. Through an intricate web of rhetoric and subterfuge, the TC parasite provides government with “reasons” for extortionate taxes; it literally attaches itself to government bureaucracy. Both government and the TC parasites feed in frenzy-like fashion from the tax trough, maintaining for both a comfortable livelihood and lifestyle at the expense of the tax-payer. The host (tax-payer) is progressively robbed and impoverished by the parasitic web of bunkum.

The Tobacum Controlis parasite can usually be found surrounded by antismoking slogans (see below). The parasite is also notorious for claiming that smoking is impoverishing smokers rather than baseless compounded extortionate taxes on tobacco. Understandably, the parasite and its parasitic overseers in government must constantly attempt, through a propaganda
barrage, to keep the host(s) in an addled, quasi-anesthatized state so that the transfer of funds from host to parasite can continue unabated. The host must be manipulated into the belief that they are being robbed for their own good - that being robbed is a “good” thing.

truckerlyn said...

True - they are so far up their own backsides they even think they are popular and actually liked!

ScottWichall said...

No reply as of this morning....

ScottWichall said...

Hey Bucko, here's an interesting article I picked up this morning, it also applies to all of the rest of the Legacy Media (as Dr North calls them lol)