Saturday, 23 November 2013

Link Tank 23/11

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Sir Ian Gilmore and Alcohol Concern are lying to us

24 hour Tubes are on their way - the impact on London will be huge

More evidence that calorie counts on menus don't work

Science says you should marry someone as drunk as you

Why Rob Ford is better than most low life politicians

Merseysiders fear house price collapse after seeing their estate from above (pic)

Nanny Bloomberg moves to ban polystyrene cups

Why a tube driver must be paid £22.73 to buy a bottle of whisky worth £2.10

Amsterdam pays alcoholics in beer to clean streets

E-cigs that use real tobacco

Rat-hunting dogs


westcoast2 said...

I think the PAX Ploom is where Vaping meets smoking. Unfortunately it is expensive and afik Ploom do not have a UK distributor, happy to be corrected though.

The mk1 was a bit of a failure, since it used butane (as did other similar types of vapouriser). The mk2 uses Li-Ion batteries and is very much in the e-cig elk.

There are lots of questions that arise from this.

Tom said...

Bloomberg will not be first to ban styrofoam cups and take-out containers as it's already been banned in San Francisco for several years now. So he will not be able to claim first-place in this particular battle of the pretentious do-good banners.
(I also wonder, like in former decades, about city corruption and corrupt mayors and boards if there isn't some under the table payola going on where as paper-industry pays off to get plastics and styrofoam banned, pharmaceuticals pay off to get tobacco retailing banned but to promote pharma nicotine displays instead, unions maybe pay off to get gentrification underway to create jobs in construction but at the expense of outplacing people who have lived there their whole lives to make way for the richer classes to move in and take over, etc. and so on. Maybe in future generations, after the dust clears and it becomes acceptable to talk about the corruption of the generation or two before, then there will be similarities between Bloomberg and similar mayors/boards in other US cities as were the corruption scandals later revealed during the early part of the 20th century in NYC, Chicago, LA, other US cities., in which case, then all this "goodness" they are handing us might really just be the result of under the table payola, grist and juice money.)

Stugo said...

If Bloomberg was acting on health grounds, I would applaud him, but it's a another greenie initiative. I expect he'll want the replacements to be plastics containing Bisphenol A, which is linked to a whole range of illnesses and is a 'gender-bender' chemical linked to sexual dsfunction. Just right for their Brave New Depopulated World.It is already used to line tin cans.