Saturday, 2 July 2011

Link Tank 02/07

It's that time again.

Google chief warns of an upcoming internet censorship storm

FDA highlights danger of Chantix, anti-smoking organisations who advocate it stay silent

Across Europe, irking drivers is urban policy

The 10th anniversary of Portugal decriminalising drugs and it's been a massive success

Have the Tories rediscovered euroscepticism?

Australia set to ban just about all online sexual content

Advice for those aspiring to be an anti-smoker

Supreme Court restores parental responsibility by overturning California's video game ban for minors

E-cigs make you really horny

The French are getting bored with wine


Sam Duncan said...

Even assuming the Tories have “rediscovered Euroscepticism” - which they haven't - what does that even mean in 2011? Eurosceptics were sceptical of the stated motives of the Treaty on European Union and the direction it was taking the EU. We know what that is now (and the sceptics were right). You can't be sceptical of something that's been proved.

It's like being pessimistic about your team's chances in last year's Cup.

nisakiman said...

The French don't need to worry about falling out of love with wine - I'm picking up the slack for them.