Monday 11 July 2011

Stony Stratford: Support Growing

Our little event appears to have gained rather a wide audience, with supportive messages aplenty and many e-mail enquiries to Puddlecote Towers.

Locally there has been a solid backlash against the proposal, as highlighted by a recommended read at AboutMyArea/MK11 this afternoon. Therefore, I wasn't surprised to hear that local people will be well represented amongst those attending on Saturday.

Others to have written on the subject since my last update include the following:

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... and there are a collection of posters at Lawson Narse's place.

As well as the BBC, Anglia News are rumoured to be popping by, and I was contacted by Radio 5 Live on Saturday for info prior to a piece they aired on Saturday night's Stephen Nolan show. I was asked if I would agree to take part if required (to which I naturally said yes) but they finally plumped for a re-run of David Nuttall MP versus Cllr Bartlett as per Jeremy Vine's show on Friday.

Bartlett was again muddled and borderline incoherent, advancing some baffling arguments at times. If you were still pondering whether to come along on the Saturday, have a listen to the 11 minute debate at this link (scroll to 1:44:00 - available for 5 days), it might just be the clincher.

It's not too late to invite others via the Facebook page, by the way. Five days and counting, folks.


Sean O'Hare said...

I really don't understand how Barlett thinks he can legally ban smoking in the town. It could only be a by-law and there would likely be mass disobedience, at least there would be in my town, especially on a Friday or Saturday night.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Paul Bartlett who is a Public Governor at this Trust.
Milton Keynes Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Stantonbury, Stony Stratford, Wolverton
Paul Bartlett

Anonymous said...

Shall I dress up, do you think?

Black tie would be tremendous sport, it's about time I gave the gear a workout

I'd not oppose any ladies showing up with Audrey Hepburn cigarette holders, particularly if they are lissome (the ladies, not the cigarette holders).

I'll be the tall, dark, not-quite handsome one. For all you girls out, there, I'm as faithful as Stevie Wonder's Labrador and I am more interested in the contents of your skull than of your underpants.

Ian B said...

Dick, I'm going to try and make it to this. Are there any directions on how to get to the venue from Milton Keynes Central?

Nick said...

I'll be joining the M1 heading South at Jn21.Anyone wanting a lift on the way down, please comment. No contribution required!

Anonymous said...

Jolly good show Dick, very impressed.

IanB here is the link.,+Stony+Stratford+MK11+1AQ&fb=1&gl=uk&hq=The+Vaults+Bar+High+Street,&hnear=0x4877019c5c6ed455:0xb054c477ecc1e4b0,Milton+Keynes,+Buckinghamshire+MK11+1AQ&ei=hkkbTrz7FdOHhQfBmanMBQ&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&ved=0CAQQtgM&cid=0,0,5068488288030398066

George Speller said...

Looks like Bartlett is going to make a complete fool of himself - hopefully he'll take the rest of the nast bastards down with him - including and especially the now discredited ASH

Dick Puddlecote said...

Anon: Dressing up would be marvellous! I'm sure TV would like it too. :)

Ian B: I'd been thinking about that and will look to post some info on logistics etc soon.

Nick: Generous offer, Nick. I think there's already been a link up of commenters coming from Bolton so it's a good shout.

Anonymous said...

I have just listened to the two radio programs - never had such a good laugh in ages! What a wonderful advert for ASH! WHO says billions of people dying from smoking! Publicans would prefer that people did not die from smoking so that they can spend more money in pubs! Spittle in the streets! (When was spitting banned?) Didn't know that ships pass through Bury! (Actually, there is a Manchester, Bolton, Bury canal - but never mind) What a comic!

I have just been over to the ASH site - not a word about it. God! How embarrassing for them!

We should invent a new phrase - "Doing a Bartlett" or "Bartletting", whenever a 'stinker' appears on a blog.

We must remember this arsehole. Push him as hard as possible as an example of ASH.

Anonymous said...

PS. I do not know whether I can attend or not now - my 'wife-sitting' daughter is away herself this weekend. I am very disappointed because I particularly wanted to meet you guys. I may be able to drive down Sat am and just stay for the event before driving back home. But I cannot be sure yet. It depends upon the circumstances at the time.

If I cannot make it, I will we with you in spirit! It does not seem that there will be a lack of supporters.

Anonymous said...

Oh....before I forget, let us remember Bartlett's statement about smoking in the presence of children in the home:


handymanphil said...

Ian B: having looked at the map, I would think that there will be a direct bus route to SS from MK

Anonymous said...

"I don't know of any ironmongers that have closed down because of the ban" (Bartlett)



Lysistrata said...

ASHTRAYS. Please take ashtrays. Or rather, small jamjars with lids. So they can’t photograph all the mess made by the protestors’ butts.

I use one that had caviar in it: still says “caviar”. A nice posh touch. I always use it here in Greece: don’t want to be responsible for setting fire to the country.

Wish I could be with you, but it’s a bit far to travel :D

nisakiman said...

Same as Lysistrata, I'm a little far away to make it. Were I closer, I would definitely have added my support.

What Lysistrata says about taking portable ashtrays is a very valid point. It is essential that Bartlett is given absolutely no ammunition. In fact DP, it might be an idea to ask people to come armed with several small jars so those who arrive without can be provided for.

I hope you will have someone with a camcorder to record the event to be posted on here afterwards - I would very much like to see that.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Lysistrata & Nisakiman: Yes, that has already been thought of. Portable ashtrays will be available on the day. ;)

Lysistrata said...

Thanks for reassurance DP. Sometimes it's the fine detail that can make a difference!

Anonymous said...

I think the point about going prepared to counteract litter is a very important one, regardless of the aim of a rally. I was in Stevenage yesterday, and the entire zone around the railway station looked like the aftermath of an explosion in a dumper truck-discarded clothing, bottles, and litter of every description all over the place. Apparently, some kind of festval had taken place.

Regarding the underlying issue of this event, I think the local chamber of commerce should be supporting this event. As a smoker, I would already be giving the pubs a wide berth. But if this councillor gets his way, I would also be avoiding the town altogether, so none of my spending power would be finding it's way into their shops either. And if I were in the process of moving house, Stony Stratford would be out of the question. The entire initiative risks making the town unpopular with visitors, and un-competitive.


Smoking Hot said...

Kick some ass you guys. Damn shame l'm away but l'll be with you in spirit.