Thursday, 21 July 2011

Last Word On Stony Stratford - A Warning

Success for the good people of Stony Stratford was very satisfying, but despite Herr Bartlett's lunacy being crushed, there are still a couple of unreported loose ends to clear up.

Stuart Moore, a local member of various groups including the Rotary Club, was in attendance on the night of the Town Council meeting and was mentioned by AboutMyArea/MK11 as "instrumental in organising the protest in the town on Saturday". Indeed he was. He arranged our venue and put in a lot of effort ensuring that those who weren't net savvy were aware of the protest, amongst many other admirably handled tasks.

At Tuesday night's meeting, he was approached by many attendees and asked if the issue would still be supported when it is re-presented in September (if Bartlett still refuses to drop it, that is). He assured them that their cause would certainly not be forgotten, and that he would also check parish notes in case Bartlett decided to initiate any other mad nonsense in the meantime.

Importantly, though, he was implored to stand for a Council position himself, to which he agreed.

On the evidence of Tuesday's events - including Bartlett having stand up arguments with residents on exiting the church - Stuart will have a lot of support come election time.

Bartlett may well have served for many years as a councillor in Stony Stratford, but the outdoor smoking ban proposal - alone - could well have put paid to his future involvement in anything more important to the town than sweeping in front of his house.

Something to think about for local councillors everywhere who think grandstanding for outdoor smoking bans is a good idea, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

Actually, local street sweeper would be a more appropriate job for someone with Bartlett's concerns than councillor.

Roger Thornhill said...

My warning is this: In the past Councillors have been excluded from voting in sessions if they express opinions on matters in the press.

Maybe this is the way it is done. Offer robes that become a gag or a rope.