Saturday 9 July 2011

Will Somebody Please NOT Think Of The Children!

The constantly shifting hypocrisy of the righteous surfaces once again.

While consistently invoking children as justification for absurd laws with no evidential basis, politicians don't seem to be too concerned with child welfare when it interferes with other hobby horses in their portfolio.

Here's a perfect example from the Soviet Republic of Upside Down Land.

PRIMARY school children are being terrified by lessons claiming climate change will bring "death, injury and destruction" to the world unless they take action.

Climate change as a "Doomsday scenario" is being taught in classrooms across Australia.

Resource material produced by the Gillard government for primary school teachers and students states climate change will cause "devastating disasters".

"As well as their terrible impact on people, animals and ecosystems they cause billions of dollars worth of damage to homes and other buildings," the material says.

[Australian National University's Centre for the Public Awareness of Science director Dr Sue Stocklmayer said] "To put all of this before our children ... is one of the most appalling things we can do to (them)."

"When you repeat things over and over to young people who don't have the cognitive maturity and emotional maturity to process this stuff, you end up creating unnecessary anxiety," [Psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg] said.
Well that'll be the end of that, then. If there is one thing that the public will not stand for, it's children being exposed to harm or alarm. It's completely taboo these days, so it is.

Federal Schools Minister Peter Garrett said the government would not stop the teaching of climate science, despite moves in Britain for the subject to be withdrawn.
Don't be so silly. Children are just a political commodity, to be moved in and out of camera shot as required. Precious they may be, but dogma is valued far higher in the corridors of power.

And lo, sayeth the religion of Gaia and public health, the church is thy anvil and children merely tools. Go forth and use them to best advantage in the name of our Lords of all progressive.

Verily shall ye not falter even as they are plagued by the heebeegeebees, whosoever gives a maggot's fart about them anyway?

See also, from today's link tank, kids may be run over but never shall Maccy D's pass their lips.


Anonymous said...

It's a religeous cult.
Problem is this religeous cult has attained the size that it becomes a influencial belief whence viewed from a politicians eye,well,an unscrupulous type of politico's eye.
A lobby.
A lobby that gets pandered to as it's flavour of the month with the glitterati and "moneratti". (LOL).

Xopher said...

Qu. What kind of people hide behind children?
Dictators, politicians, the righteous and, of course, medical alarmists. ie. gutless despots!

TeeHee - the verification word i had to type was 'nosers'.

Angry Exile said...

Of course. Do you think Gingery Dullard and her boss, Senator Bob Brown, was going to be able to sell the carbon tax without enlisting the help of a few million whiny kids telling their parents that because of them trees are turning to stone and dolphins are weeping blood?

Anonymous said...

The politicisation of children is without doubt the act of a tyrannical government, not interested in debate, but one obsessed with propagandising young minds into acceptable views. We can all think of examples of this vile practice from the past. In the UK there was some kind of “climate champion” awards scheme. I saw a news story of the unfortunate brainwashed kids rummaging in a bin or something and was put in mind of the young pioneer organisation. Really nasty. When young master SAOT is subject to this nonsense I intend to prepare him with a list of questions* for the “teacher” to answer and when she can’t, he may at least show his classmates its nonsense,

* I was thinking
1. If the human race produces only 3% of world CO2 how can varying our output make any difference to the world
2. Why don’t you use real world experience which shows no warming since the mid 1990’s rather than climate models, don’t real scientists favour evidence over projection?
3. Didn’t the high court in London describe the film we have just been shown as error strewn, when will you be correcting the seven significant errors they noted
4. When will be recieve an equal amount of time on the counter-opinion 5. You don’t have any material? No problem, I happen to have a couple of DVD’s with me etc

Yes, he will get an "F" from them, it's the one he is allowed, and a playstation from me.

Anonymous said...

Julia Gillard needs to be thrown over the side . we will put a rope round her ankle as we might need her later.
Happy Days!

Oksanna said...

So, a National Curriculum with the climate orthodoxy thrown in for good measure. Ironically, our Federal Schools Minister Peter Garrett's old rock band Midnight Oil used to sing: "Cold, cold change....waiting to begin, left us all angry and bewildered, laughing at the way we were taken in"