Friday 15 July 2011

#StonyStandoff Audio Repeat

Last night's TalkSport discussion was interesting to say the least. The kind comments in a lively thread beneath yesterday's post were most appreciated.

Having been prepared to rebut Herr Bartlett's daft claims, his non-appearance (or very late show) meant that the approach was rather different to what I was expecting.

If you missed it, you can listen to the whole show at TalkSport's website, but thanks to Man Widdicombe for capturing some of the coverage for posterity. My contribution begins at around the 12 minute mark below.

And Herr Bartlett's quite amusing rant is here.

Now, be honest. While listening, you pictured Bartlett wearing a big red nose and very long shoes, didn't you?


Brew Wales said...

Listening to Herr Bartlett on the show last night I was under the impression that he was on some sort of medication - his ranting about smoking and sunburn reminded me of Gormless Brown's appearance in the Commons this week, lying through his teeth, delusional and drugged up to the eyeball with whatever happy pills he is being fed nowadays.

Longrider said...

Peer pressure from the electorate... God forfend!

James Higham said...

Good luck for tomorrow.

The Filthy Engineer said...

Good luck for tommorrow, I'd be there but for a longstanding family get together.

Private Widdle said...

God Almighty, what an utter knobhead.... can't stick to the point, can't formulate an argument, and when he went off on his various rants my brain couldn't cope and it all turned into a sort of mental (in several respects) white noise- "Mwaargghhdddrtessyyhgbkklllomm ..."

"Smells and spit... if it fails the ones who don't support it are going to look foolish...if my fellow councillors don't support it for the good of the health of their constituents it makes me wonder what they do support..."

Jesus H.Christ- he makes the Monocular Mentalist's tissue of lies and wilful self-delusion in the Commons the other day look like something off "Socrates' Greatest Rhetorical Hits".

Who voted for this dickwad anyway? If he got in, what in God's name were the opposition like?

Callie said...

He's got a nerve going on about dog ends containing spit, at least it's contained... I could just hear his spittle hitting the back of my screen, he sounded rabid, I'm right and everyone else is wrong, how the hell did he get voted in as a councillor?

Grandad said...

The best of luck tomorrow. I'll be there in spirit, but can't make it in person - I'll be spending my Saturday singing and burning children which apparently is an effect of smoking a pipe that I wasn't aware of.

Anonymous said...

"Bartlett! Sign this petition calling for you to leave office or I'll blow another puff of smoke at you!"

"Anything! Anything but another puff of smoke!"

I could hear the foam splurging from his mouth. Localism sounds worse by the minute.


Dioclese said...

I'm a ex-smoker but I defend to the end your right to do what you like to your own body. It's your life and your choice.

I've written a piece to go out tomorrow bright and early supporting the protest and wish you the best of luck!

V4V said...

I listened to Barlett last night and couldn't stop laughing at the headless chicken.

That snippet from the show would be good with some speakers strapped to a car come the next local election. V

P.S. He's needs cerifying.

Anonymous said...

How the hell did it come to this a real Nazi able to weald such power and get such coverage in this country.

ArtCo said...

"Anyone will sign a petition"
Can we please have a petition to have this cunts head on platter please.

Anonymous said...

Anytime Fraulein Bartlett wishes to
visit the war cemetries in Flanders
I would gladly show him a hundred
thousand graves where health and safety factors where secondary to the sacrifice for a free nation.
If he has any medals or scars of
working in the industrial (smoky)
hell holes I may give him some credance for his rantings,if not
his pathos his embarrassing.
We also need to look closely at the Ivory Tower dwellers who voted for the silly little man.

Look back in anger

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the people of Stony Stratford who are represented by this
character,who in their right mind would vote for him.

After last night's performance I think he will be an ex-councillor soon.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, I've just finished listening to it. What an utter nob.
After 40 peaceful years of smoking, 40 years of NOT leaving a mess or smoking near others, 40 years of minding my own business, paying my taxes and working my arse off I hear that.
I hope you don't drive a car Bartlett or BBQ/bonfire or fly away on holidays or leave your lights on because you better be squeaky clean before you interfere with others lifes.
BTW driving a car burns more kids than smoking does. My evidence comes from the same place as yours.

Twenty_Rothmans said...

The OberSturmBartlettFuehrer was on form.

Ineloquent, sounding like someone from a pisspoor call centre, and utterly illogical. It's apparent he only got a 2:1.

This loathsome person, please, please, please, please (sorry, that was a bit of a Hari) should be humiliated tomorrow, as he's probably been humiliated throughout his life.

It was Sir Max Aitken who was asked if there was chivalry during the Battle of Britain. 'Of course not' - he said - 'I hated them. They were trying to do something to us - they were trying to enslave us'.

Bartlett is not cut from the same cloth. A hateful, inarticulate control freak. An enemy to British values. A petty tyrant who's risen to the mighty station of ambulance driver at the mere age of 50.

Let alone all that - witness this: This nincompoop was picking fag butts up from the ground. As his brain seems to be made from it, it might have escaped his eagle, NHS-glasses vision that people tread in dog excrement. They spread it. A little goes a long way.

I look forward to the day that his children see him in the same way that he saw his own father.

alanx said...

" . . . secondary and passive cancer . . ." - fucking priceless.

Reinhard said...

Describing the whole thing as a rant is a bit generous really. It was full of hyperbole ad absurdium, appeal to emotion, blurring the issue, straw man, the lot really. The man is in government and he doesn't know how to argue.

If I could make just one or two quick notes on the esteemed Mr. Bartlett's comments.

Firstly, germs and spit. OK it sounds good but for my money, any germs will be dead soon or washed away by rain. Any spit left is kosher without the germs, but even so it would be washed out by rain too, or if the butt is dry then how much is really going to end up on your fingers if you pick it up bare handed? I'd be willing to bet large amounts of cash that the average plastic pen leaves more unpleasant bodily secretions behind after you've handled it. In other words: spit, germs, not an issue at all.

Secondly, it chilled my blood when he said "My gut feel is that one or two councillors need it better explained to them ..." In other words this is a man who believes without reservation that what he is doing is the right thing and believes that anyone not in agreement doesn't understand the issue well enough and would agree if they did. It is, in short, a religious belief, and I really think that people in government should at least be open in principle to the other side's argument, which his religious belief precludes.

"Contaminate the street [with smoke]." This is on even worse foundation than the butts with germs on. Unless you are standing right next to a smoker, down-wind, you don't really breathe in any smoke. According to my back of the envelope calculation a smoker in a town centre might fill a 8x20x20m oblong (like a street with buildings on both sides) with 2ppm of smoke from a single cigarette (assuming a total smoke volume of 6L). This is well within clean air tolerance for safety.

"[Smoking is] bad for the environment." I really don't understand this one at all. Butt litter gets my goat but I have to put it in the same category as other litter, so banning smoking doesn't solve a litter problem. The smoke itself doesn't damage the environment, as far as I know. The growing of tobacco is pretty similar in terms of impact to other crops, I assume. Making the cigarettes has a similar impact to other mass production, again I am assuming but I think it's a reasonable assumption. What else is there?

Bucko said...

I'm just having a brew and a fag before setting out for Stony Stratford (06:20 Sat) and I've checked the weather report.
Heavy rain all the live long day.
If I was a conspiracy theorist I might think Deborah Arnott had created some kind of cloud seeding technology. Hell, she gets enough funding.
Sorry to disappoint you Debs but I'm taking a big brolly.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Nice one Bucko, same here. :)

Anonymous said...

Spit and germs? I hope that his kids don't play energetic outdoor sports like football or rugby. The amount of spit, sweat, blood and animal shit they roll around in will cause Mr Barking Mad apoplexy.

Good luck today, pity about the weather.

Dick the Prick said...

The strains of the worthless, of the treacherous, of the indolent can about their business in the ignorance that their endeavour is but a vile and neglected pox. Their lives are but timed ending. No one awaits their fall. Their message redundant, their quest disregarded and industriously forgotten by men with work to do.

lincoln imp said...

Without wishing to sound sympathetic to the enemy..

This guy sounds genuinely a bit OCD, he has an obsession with hygiene and control, this might well be why there hasn't been a piling in of support for him from the state tobacco control brigade.

Once this is defeated, as it hopefully will be on Tuesday, I hope that Cllr Bartlett is allowed to disappear quietly, and he isn't hounded.

Time Traveller said...

He sounds as though he may have mental health issues but he's not so daft that he forgot to invoke 'the children' and 'the environment'.

All the best for today.


At first I was angry at his arrogant, inarticulate nincompoopery. Then I mellowed and felt sorry for him as the man obviously has a highly inflated opinion of himself and can't see that A:People think he's an idiot and B: nobody takes him seriously.
How did he become a councillor? maybe it's a special needs program that some big companies indulge in, where they have to employ at least one window licker, you know, to get the trolleys, lift stuff, go for coffee etc.
Never mind Paul, soon be safe back in the day room looking through the "staring window" waiting for the meds trolley round, ahh bless!
Funny, if this is the 'thin edge of the wedge' of the society the councillor wishes to inflict on us, history would show us that it's precisely his sort of crazy person that get's dragged off to the firing squad first!
Shame that there's so many, now unfortunately deceased, decent people that's lived worthwhile lives and had a live and let live attitude and yet Bartlett still continues to waste other people's oxygen.Ah Well!

David Davis said...

These people are not stupid at all: they know and have always known how to boil frogs very very slowly, so they don't notice until it's too late. Harr-Gauleiter Bartlett has been briefed just like all the rest of them. If only we could find out where all this goes on? We do know that a lot is down to the Universities, where the soon-to-be-rather-more-important-ones get indoctrinated, but what about all the "Public sector" "workers"? Where do they imbibe the Nazi-juice?

Rob F said...

I imagined him with a penis sprouting from his head, as well.